Special Education Research Critique Essay


D. J. . & A ; Watkins. W. G. ( 2003 ) .

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Music therapy to advance prosocial behaviours in aggressive stripling boys A pilot survey. _Journal of Music Therapy. 40_ ( 4 ) . 283-301.PurposeThe hypothesis of this research survey was to find if music therapy would assist advance prosocial behaviours in aggressive male childs. These topics have different societal. emotional. and larning upsets.

MethodThe topics were selected from a group of 88 immature male childs who have rational. societal. and emotional shortages. These male childs were enrolled in a particular instruction installation in New Zealand. The pupils who started earlier May 2000 and after March 2001. which was 49 pupils. were non included because of the likeliness of them go forthing before the survey was completed.

This left a staying 39 pupils. These pupils were given the Child Behavior Checklist ( CBCL ) trial. A sum of 21 pupils were excluded due to miss of aggressiveness and already gone through musical therapy. Research workers were left with 18 male childs whose ages ranged from about 11 old ages and six months to 15 old ages and three months.

These topics had an utmost step on the CBCL trial. 12 of the male childs were already diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder ( ADD ) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD ) .Of the 12. five had a double diagnosing which included Oppositional Defiant Disorder ( ODD ) or Conduct Disorder ( Cadmium ) . Four had a general developmental hold and two had a head hurt along with depression. About half of the male childs were taking psychoactive medicine.

They were indiscriminately assigned into two music groups of six and one control group of six. One topic was suspended right after the therapy began. Another quit after a few proceedingss into a session. Besides. one more was suspended from school after one session due to extreme riotous and aggressive behaviour.

A entire 15 pupils completed the intervention. The intervention was the participants were placed into different music groups. In the music groups.

the pupils would make different musical activities and express themselves through music.ConsequenceThere was an addition in riotous and aggressive behaviour in Group 1. This is a negative consequence due to the intervention. Group 2 had no alterations in behaviour. Group 3 besides had small to no alteration in their behaviour at school.AUTHOR’S CONCLUSIONNo important statistical differences were found after the intervention was completed.

Because there was no difference. there can be no unequivocal decision to be made by the writer. Some societal workers did enter little betterments that were interesting and could take to farther survey. They noted that the topics were non every bit aggressive as they were before the research survey.

The writer would besides wish to seek to make another survey but have it be based on a specific diagnosing of the topic.PRACTICAL ApplicationThe utility of this intervention is really minimum. The consequences after the intervention was conducted were negative or impersonal overall. If I were to seek and implement it into a schoolroom environment. I am non certain if it will be helpful in any manner.ReviewI feel like this survey non to the full prepared or researched.

The research workers did provinces their hypothesis. addressed the consequences. and the sample size.

But the intervention itself was non successful. The sample size for this sort of intervention should hold been bigger than merely 15 pupils. The research workers could hold gone and tested other schools or even simple and high school. A sample size of 15 topics can non stand for 100 topics. In decision.

this musical intervention survey was non good planned out.


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