Spanish Essay Research Paper The Gift of

Spanish Essay, Research PaperThe Gift of the Goddess MoonIn a really distant clip the Gods and the Goddesss lowered from the sky to bask the beautiful districts of the Indian Guaranies, with their thick woods, great rivers of clear Waterss and full hayfields of flowers.One of these heavenly visitants was the Moon Goddess who came really often, ever during the twenty-four hours. Her comrade was the Cloud Goddess. In order to freely walk by the Fieldss and the woods without anyone acknowledging them, the Goddesses took the signifier of two Indians Guaranies.The Goddesses were so happy assemblage beautiful flowers in the forest that they forgot the dark approached.

Suddenly, when the dark shadows covered the Earth, the Moon Goddess exclaimed:& # 8211 ; We must return right now to the sky or I will get tardily for my responsibilities!& # 8211 ; One minute more requested the Cloud Goddess. I see some really pretty white orchids at that place and I want a corsage to take to the sky.They walked quickly towards the orchids when all of a sudden they gave a cry of panic. In forepart of the misss appeared a tiger, the biggest they had seen in the land.

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It s eyes were superb and it had it s really large oral cavity unfastened. The goddesses were so frightened that they forgot to alter their Indian signifiers to their heavenly signifiers.The tiger, giving a strong boom, jumped towards the misss, ready to devour them. But, to the surprise of the two, an pointer drove into his organic structure and the animate being fell to the land, bawling with great cries for the hurting of his lesion.In that minute, an old Guarani with his bow and arrow emerged from his concealing topographic point from behind a tree.& # 8211 ; Run! he shouted to the goddesses. Run to salvage your lives!But the goddesses, paralyzed by fright, were every bit immobile as the trees that surrounded them.

Suddenly the tiger rested on his injured paw and jumped once more toward the adult females, but the old adult male fired another pointer and it drove into the bosom of the animate being who fell mortally wounded.& # 8211 ; It is dead and now there is nil to be afraid of said the old Guarani, looking toward the topographic point where he had seen the two adult females. But there was no hint of them.

When seeing themselves free of danger, the goddesses took their heavenly signifiers and quickly rose up to the sky.As the dark extended its black cloak upon the wood and hayfields, the Indian climbed a tree to pass the dark in. Satisfied by his good title, the Indian could deeply sleep. And it happened that in his dreams he saw the figure of a adult female with superb eyes like two stars that he had seen earlier in the forests.

He besides heard her clearly say:& # 8211 ; I am the goddess of the Moon, defender of the good people. Puting your life at hazard, you have fought valorously to salvage my life and the life of my comrade, the Cloud Goddess.The Indian, surprised, wanted to state something, but was non able to. The goddess continued talking to him.& # 8211 ; The good work forces ever receive a wages for their baronial actions. You will have yours because your goodness and your heroism deserve it.& # 8211 ; What will be my wages? asked the Indian, while looking at his guardian goddess. The reply was non made to trust because the divinity continued:& # 8211 ; In this wood there will be born for you and for your small town a really utile works that you will take good attention of called yerba mate.

When the foliages turn brown you can fix a tea that serves as nutrient for all of those that are hungry. It besides quenches the thirst of all who drink it. You will happen this works tomorrow in the topographic point where I visited during the twenty-four hours.With this said, the goddess disappeared.

What a unusual dream! said the Indian when he woke the following twenty-four hours.He got down from the tree, and hurried to the topographic point indicated by the goddess and there a beautiful new works, with superb, green foliages, appeared before his eyes.The old adult male gathered some foliages and carried them to town where he recounted the narrative to the folk and showed the wages the Moon Goddess had given to them.At one time, the Indians roasted the foliages over the fire and prepared the tea. Quickly it calmed the hungriness and the thirst, like the goddess had promised.That same dark, the Indians knelt down on the Earth and, raising their faces to the sky, gave thanks to the Moon Goddess for the fantastic gift of the yerba mate.


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