Soundproofing to a room. Dampening means using

                  Soundproofing Sound is a wave that is always being reflected off of many different surfaces. A lot of times the reflected sound is not noticed.

This is because two identical sounds that reach the human ear less than 1/15th if a second apart cannot be determined as separate sounds. This leads into the topic of sound proofing. Sound proofing is to make a room or building resistant to the passage of sound. There are two types of soundproofing, absorbing and dampening.

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 Absorbing is when the materials you use take in the incoming sound energy. Dampening is when you use a dense dead wall that doesn’t readily vibrate. Soundproofing can be easy but it can also be difficult. If you take the right steps and have the right materials you can soundproof any room.           Soundproofing is when you use noise control to block out sound leakage from different rooms or outdoors. It all depends upon the way the sound waves interact with different surfaces.

Propagate means to spread which is what sound does. When sound propagates it goes through air as a longitudinal wave. To measure sound you would use a Decibel Meter. The Decibel Meter shows sound measurements of stuff that makes noise. The mass of an object can affect its acoustic properties.

When thinking about which product carries sound waves the best you could say aluminum carries sound waves the fastest. So using aluminum would probably not be the best to use if you’re trying to soundproof your apartment.                                         Materials such as foam and heavy fabric are great for soundproofing. Although, there is a difference between dampening sound and absorbing sound. Absorbing means using rubbery materials that soak up incoming sound energy so there’s less to transmit onward to a room. Dampening means using a solid acoustically dead wall that doesn’t readily vibrate. One of the best ways to soundproof a room is to make a smaller room inside of it.

If you just want to cancel out a little noise and not go to the extreme you would do things like place towels or fabric under your doors and windows to block out some of the sound from outside. Also, you can try putting carpet on your floors this can block out noise if somebody lives below you. Also, you can use heavy curtains. Curtains are great at absorbing sounds you just have to make sure they are heavy and dense.                        When thinking about which product carries sound wave the best you would think of aluminum.

Sound travels through solids such as steel 15 times quicker than through gas. So it would be best to have less metal in your room in case you’re trying to soundproof.


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