Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Sorrow Essay Research Paper Sorrow Whether it

Sorrow Essay Research Paper Sorrow Whether it

Sorrow Essay, Research Paper


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Whether it is acquiring a bad class in English category, go forthing place to travel to college, or

losing a loved one, we all experience sorrow. Sorrow is some sort of hurting or hurt of

the head caused by a loss or bad luck. It is a portion of life that we all must larn to cover

with. Peoples cope with sorrow in different ways. Certain people let every bad luck that

they encounter acquire to them. They flip out if they get a C on one of the many minute

assignments in a category. If they get a traffic ticket, they think the universe is coming to the terminal.

Peoples who deal with sorrow like this are non being sensible. Make these people believe

these minor defects in their daily life are traveling to hold a life long affect on them?

They do non hold to be sad, but they choose to be.

One twenty-four hours I got my 2nd traffic ticket in my first twelvemonth of driving. Equally shortly as I

looked into my rear position mirror and saw the officer bend on his blinking visible radiations, my bosom

sank into my tummy. The officer asked if I knew why I was being stopped. I was

hurrying and I knew it. The officer went back to the auto and began to compose the ticket,

while I was sitting in my auto thought. At first I thought about how much problem I was

traveling to be in and how much money it was traveling to be me. I was really down. Then

I got to believing. What & # 8217 ; s the large trade? It & # 8217 ; s merely a small traffic ticket. Certain, I may acquire in

problem, but who cares? It & # 8217 ; s merely a little item in my life. I can whine and kick, or I

can concentrate on the more of import things in life. Why waste off the yearss experiencing gloomy

and depressed? What good is it functioning me to experience this manner?

Sorrow is like a stone being thrown at you. You can take to watch it near

you until it hits you right between the eyes, or you can out of the manner and allow it go through you

by. Of class different degrees of sorrow exist and some are harder to cover with than others,

but most twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours bad lucks don & # 8217 ; Ts have to be the cause of unhappiness and depression.

Sorrow is divided into four groups ; grieve, heartache, anguish, and suffering. Different

people can digest different degrees of sorrow.

The first group, regular sorrow, is the least utmost. This is the feeling you get

during the last yearss of summer when you know school is merely around the corner. You may

experience sorrow when you get an atrocious class on a trial. Many people deal with it rather

good, but some do non. Some people still allow these little things get to them. And if they

Don & # 8217 ; t allow the

sorrow go, so it could convey them to the following phase, heartache.

Grief is more acute and more distressing than sorrow. You may see heartache

when you move off from place and you miss your friends. Grief is normally a small harder

to shrug off than sorrow, but many people can make it. It may happen when you lose a loved

pet. Most people will be a small sad for awhile, but they will normally be able to get the better of it.

Other people do non necessitate much clip at all to acquire over the loss. It & # 8217 ; s non that they loved the

favored any less than everyone else. It & # 8217 ; s merely that they don & # 8217 ; t allow things acquire to them. They don & # 8217 ; T

privation to walk around mundane being depressed about everything. They choose non to. But

most people can merely digest adversities to a certain degree. This brings us to the following phase.

A really utmost signifier of heartache is anguish. This is when an event anguishs and

terrifies the spirit. This can happen when a parent dies tragically in a auto accident or for me,

losing one of my Soundgarden CDs ( ha hour angle ) . Not many people can cover with torment.

Some people can get the better of it, but it normally takes a really long clip. Anguish is a signifier a

signifier of sorrow that is really difficult to get by with, but if it can & # 8217 ; t be overcome, you may

experience suffering.

Woe is the most utmost signifier of sorrow. It is prolonged and disconsolate sorrow.

It may go on when your girl gets kidnapped on her thirteenth birthday. The idea of

non cognizing whether your girl is dead or alive or where she is can destroy you. Woe can

destruct your life. Many people who experience this sort of sorrow bend to drugs to cover

with it. It can frequently take to suicide. This category of sorrow is really, really difficult to cover with,

but some strong people can make it with clip.

Bad things happen to everybody, but non everybody Lashkar-e-Taibas those things get to

them. Everyone has a pick. Sorrow can command you, or you can command sorrow. It & # 8217 ; s

your pick. Peoples need to larn to cover with it decently. When a bad thing happens to

them, they need to inquire themselves, & # 8221 ; Ten old ages from now, how will I look back at this

event? Will it hold effected my life as a whole? Was it truly a really of import factor in

my life? & # 8221 ; Most causes of sorrow will non hold an of import impact on a individual & # 8217 ; s life.

Sorrow is non a merriment emotion to see so why choose to hold it. Peoples need to take

control over their lives. I think the old Chinese adage provinces it best ; & # 8221 ; You can non forestall

the birds of sorrow from winging over your caput, but you can forestall them from constructing

nests in your hair. & # 8220 ;