Some 4- Pressure To Eat. 5- Absence

 Some people worry all the time about,” WHY MYKID DON’T EAT?” Oneof the most difficult things for you is to see your kid refusing food.  Food is veryimportant for complete growth and development of your child. We hear about achild refusing to eat.

You know that food alone is not the reason kids want toeat. There are many reasons why your kid is not eating food.Below are given 8reasons:1-         Dental Issues.2-         Medical Problems.

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3-         Slow Growth.4-         Pressure To Eat.5-         Absence of a close family member/parent.6-         Texture Sensitive.   7-         Too Tired To Eat. 8-         Filling up on snacks.

                                                                                                1-DENTAL ISSUES:Dentalissues may be one reason why your child refuses food. There are many dentalproblem that affect the children o refuse food like thumb sucking, tooth decay,tongue thrusting,  and early toothless. Apainful tooth or an ulcer can be a major cause. The pain with each bite willcompel him to stop eating any type of food. 2-MEDICAL PROBLEMS:Medical problems likeasthma, fever, cough causes loss of hunger in children.

Food allergy is a bigcause for children refusing food. Many kids don’t eat properly with foodallergy, particular if he/she has multiple food allergies.3-SLOW GROWTH:Slowgrowth is one major of the reasons for children to refuse food. At the age 2-3years, your child’s growth slows down and his hunger reduces.4-PRESSURE TO EAT:Pressureat home on the child to eat like force child to eat like force feeding,scolding will take him away from food.

5-ABSENCE OF A CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER/PARENT:Dueto death of any family member, change of home, loss of a sibling or a friendcause emotional disturbance, reduce the desire to eat food.6-TEXTURE SENSITIVE:Yourchild may be feeling of certain textures like wet/ slippery, mushy foods andavoid them. Some children are sensitive to the appearance or smell of eatingfood. This is also a cause for children for refusing food.7-TOO TIRED TO EAT:Maybe your child too tired to eat something. The child who has had a full busy dayof programs and school, reduce the desire to eat food. 8-FILLING UP ON SNACKS:Whenyour kid fills up on snacks, he/she simultaneously fills up his/her belly.

Thiswill compel him to stop any food.                                                                                                                      


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