Somalia Essay Research Paper Somalia and my

Somalia Essay, Research PaperSomalia and my positions on war.Somalia, or Somali Democratic Republic is a 3rd universe state located inEastern Africa. Somalia is a peninsula surrounded by the Gulf of Aden to thenorth, the Indian ocean to the E and South, Kenya to the sou’-west, Ethiopiato the West and Djibouti to the Northwest.

The entire country of Somalia is 637,757square kilometer. ( 246,200 square stat mis ) . It has a long coastline of 3025 kilometer.

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( 1880stat mis ) . The northern portion of the state is covered in mountain scopes withmean lifts between 915m. and 2135m. ( 3000ft. to 7000ft. )Somalia has a tropical to semitropical clime with the mean temperature of28 grades but it can travel every bit low as 0 grades.

Monsoon winds bring dry seasonsfrom September to December. The rainy season in Somalia is from March to May.The mean national rainfall is 280mm ( 11 inches ) .Most people in Somalia are Somalis. Other minorities are Arabs, Indians,Italians and Pakistanis. The population of Somalia in 1995 was 10,173,000. Thepopulation denseness in Somalia is 16 people per square kilometre. The largest andcapital metropolis of Somalia is Mogadishu.

It has 700,000 people. The other chiefmetropoliss include Hargeysa, Kismayu and Marka with populations between 60,000 and70,000.The economic system of Somalia is based chiefly on farm animal raising. In the South,some harvest agriculture is of import. In the early 1990s, with the Somalian economic system ina province of prostration because of the civil war, the Gross National Product ( GNP )was $ 36.00 per capita. Livestock elevation is the principle business.

In 1990,the figure of estimated farm animal was 6 million caprine animals, 4 million sheep and onemillion cowss. The chief harvests were 101,000 dozenss of corn, 55,000 dozenss ofbananas and 50,000 dozenss of sugar cane. Most wood is cut down for fuel.The currency of Somalia is the Somali Shilling. One Ugandan shilling has one hundredCentesimi. To be one US Dollar you would necessitate 3,900 Ugandan shillings.President Mohammed Siad Barre left Somalia in a province of civil war in January1991. Since so Somalia has had no cardinal governmental authorization.

War is an armed struggle between two or more authoritiess or provinces. Warbetween different parts or cabals in the same state is referred to as a civilwar. There has ever been wArs. Man has ever wanted to contend. It is in ournature.

Anything can do wars ; from a state seeking to take over anotherstate, to a dissension between politicians. Normally wars are ended by apact saying the regulations of coexistence, and civil wars are ended by peaceannouncements.There are non any easy solutions to the job of wars because it willever be around.

However, one of the solutions is the work of the Peace Makers.They go to war-worn states and seek to intercede. This has been really successfulin the yesteryear. The 2nd one, although non as good, is the stronger cabalwinning by force. The 3rd and most desirable solution, I feel, is the alterationto democracy. Here the replies to the of import inquiries are obtained by thecasting of ballots by the populace.

I feel the state of Somalia would truly wish it if the job of war isterminated. Somalia has been involved in war in about all through its history,from the second century boulder clay 1960 Somalia has been the belongings of Great Britain,Egypt, Italy, Ethiopia and other states. Somalia got its independency byunderstanding with the U.N trust territory council on July 1st 1960 but the combat didnon halt at that place. Somalia has been in a civil war from the early 1980s. Even since1991, at least 350,000 people have been killed by force or famishment. Thiswould non hold happened if non for war.

This is ground adequate to halt war. Thefillet of war will assist Somalia concentrate on other affairs such as making occupations,feeding the 1000s of hungry people and constructing the economic system. Who knows ifthe war had ended many old ages ago Somalia could be a really different topographic point.Another ground why Somalia should stop its war is about its very being. Ifthe war continues there may non be much of Somalia left.As I said before world can non wholly eliminate wars.

However, the universemust ne’er halt seeking. Canada is assisting by directing human-centered AIDSs to thestates in problem. We besides help with peace maintaining forces. I feel the mosthelpful and long permanent solution to this human calamity is good communicating.This can merely be achieved if the population is better educated by extinguishingilliteracy and a better cognition of planetary political relations and economic system.

Knowledge is power. Education is the best arm.


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