Solutions For Air Pollution Caused By Traffic Essay

Jams Essay, Research PaperSolutions For Air Pollution Caused By Traffic Jams Atmospheric pollution is called one of the greatest environmental dangers oftoday s industrialised universe and traffic jams are a major air pollutant factor causedby a enormous sum of gasolene engines ( Dolan 4 ) . From morning until twilight, thesound of soft people is lost beneath the boom of auto engines, tyres whining, andhorns blasting under the grey sky of Bangkok ( Bruning 61 ) . Bangkok s repute isknown as being the universe s most traffic congested metropolis ( Fukuda ) . During first-come-first-serve hr, the mean velocity of vehicles in business district Bangkok is less than 10 km/hour ( Vogt ) .These vehicles cause traffic pollution, a direct emanation which is physically harmfulto worlds.

Car exhaust emits tierce of the N dioxide that can contributeto acid rain which is harmful to both worlds and the environment ( Bruning 55 ) . Airpollution caused by traffic jam is one of the really of import job that need to besolved instantly. The followerss are some stairss that Bangkok can do toresolve this job. The really first option that the Thai authorities should cover with is theimprovement in effectivity of Torahs and public publicity among each individual.The jurisprudence about a auto s public presentation and efficiency should be more comprehensive.As a consequence of the uncomplete combustion of gasolene engines, a tripartite catalyticconverter must be installed in every auto to cut down the noise and toxin ( Jones 11 ) .

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Black fume from low public presentation autos can give out a foolhardy sum ofhydrocarbons and C monoxide ( Dolan 72 ) . Therefore, the auto s age jurisprudence needsto be enforced. This would assist acquire rid of low public presentation and inefficient autos offthe route. There are about 500 new autos arrived on Bangkok roads everyday. Due to the endless traffic jam, most people prefer to pass their money onprivate vehicles, alternatively of utilizing the inconvenient public transit ( Vogt ) . In the recent article of The Nation, Deputy Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatrasuggested that the authorities should see raising import revenue enhancement on autos and bound Chuapetcharasopon 2 domestic auto purchase to cut down the extravagancy of people on cars.

Mr.Shinawatra has besides considered for authorities to do loans for private operators for school coachs. This is to assist rearrange the Thai traditional manner ofparents driving their childs to school, thereby, cut downing the figure of autos being used ( Plenty of thoughts ) . Furthermore, the new thoughts for take downing pollution, such as the useof carpools and leadless gasolene are needed to be widely introduced throughpublic publicity for people to admit ( Chuapetcharasopon 5 ) . Second, Bangkok should change its traffic congestion by utilizing the integratedmass theodolite system to carry through people s demand of convenient and comfortabletransportation. This would ensue in a decrease of autos on the route. Bangkok MassTransit Authority ( BMTA ) already operates over 4,600 coachs on 155 paths.

Withdeclining riders, the BMTA has non had adequate fund, which causes it toreduce the frequence of coachs ( Undertaking Traffic ) . Currently, 3 major railwayprojects are being built throughout major roads of Bangkok ( Berfield and Gearing ) .The edifice of a railroad system could lend to a fast circulation of masstransit.

Passengers would be able to afford the rail which travels twice as fast thanthe vehicles on the route. BMTA should supply the feeder coach service and busroutes to back up rider theodolite from the rail train ( Tackling Traffic ) . This shiftin rider usage would besides heighten the BMTA for better services. In respect to thebuilding of mass theodolite system, the Park-and-Ride system method could besides beused to steer drivers to parking tonss next to railway systems. Those come iningCapital of thailand from the suburbscould park their autos at the nearest railroad station andaccess into metropolis by train. This is expected to cut down traffic come ining the metropolis centre ( Fukuda ) . Despite a authorities effort to increase import revenue enhancement on autos, the rate of carsintroduced to Bangkok roads are still increasing higher than the metropolis s new roadconstruction can be coped with.

There are about 1.7 million vehicles on the route each twenty-four hours. Merely 8 % of Bangkok is covered by roads, while the norm of mostmajor metropoliss is about 20-25 % . The enlargement of the route infinite and expressways Chuapetcharasopon 3 are needed to keep the great figure of autos expeditiously. Recently, The BangkokPlan was created by the Thai authorities to spread out the figure of roads inBangkok. One of its proposal is to replace some canals with roads ( Vogt ) .

The concluding solution for cut downing Bangkok s traffic jam is to better the qualityof urban development. Besides the enormous figure of autos on the route, Bangkok is helter-skelter because of the disorganised metropolis and substructure plan.Construction is everyplace, along with the inconsistent timing of traffic visible radiations whichrelies on the judgement of constabulary officers ( Vogt ) . Government should supply anadvance traffic information and the accurate timing system of traffic visible radiation. TheIntelligent Transit Systems ( ITS ) has suggested the Integrated Traffic InformationSystem. This system could supply an progress traffic information.

It could be doneby put ining vehicle sensors and computerising major intersections to detect thenumber of autos and the effectual timing. By collaborating with Jor- Sor 100 radiostation, the station would relays information of when and where the congestionoccurs for drivers on the route to avoid the paths ( Fukuda ) . Furthermore, the vehicleparking ordinance should besides be handled earnestly. Bangkok has no evident signfor a designated parking country. Parking is allowed about everyplace, which createdproblems, particularly on the major arterial roads ( Vogt ) .

In his Inside Guides: Bangkok, Steve Beek defined Bangkok as theepicenter of the state. It dominates all political, commercial, and societal activity inThailand, which result in overpopulation ( Beek 23 ) . With the population over 10millions, Bangkok is already 50 times greater than Thailand s second largest city.

The development of satellite towns and suburbs should be encouraged andpromoted ( Plenty of Ideas ) . A survey compiled by the Bangkok MetropolitanAdministration notified that Traveling people around the metropolis more rapidly isimportant, but traveling them to the suburbs is more of import ( Berfield andGearing ) . Presently, the authorities is seeking to bring on major industries to travel out of the metropolis to the distant country on the Eastern Seaboard. This will cut down thenumber of freight conveyance from Bangkok to outer metropolis pealing roads.

It will besides Chuapetcharasopon 4 withdraw a big sum of worker population from urban countries to satellite towns.Thus, consequences in the decrease of traffics and urban population ( Fukuda ) . The solution for air pollution due to traffic jams requires immediate actionsfrom the authorities.

A proper transit program should take into history to theneeds of people and the environment. Peoples need clean air and a healthy life, both physically and mentally. Therefore, the Thai authorities should see thetransportation development programs to be the hereafter of Bangkok. In add-on, Thaipeople should besides admit that the benefits of utilizing auto have to be weightedagainst its disadvantages.

Polluted air and acid rain caused by auto fumes havebecome a huge environmental issue throughout the universe. Although, manyorganizations and universe broad attempts are taking form as planetary pollution worsens, the jobs of pollution from autos are still on the route. The lone existent solution is tohave fewer autos.36b


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