Socrates Refusal Toflee Athens Essay Research Paper

Socrates Refusal Toflee Athens Essay, Research Paper& # 8220 ; Courage does non lie within an action, but within a person. & # 8221 ; Socrates believed strongly in these words, but why would a adult male face his ain decease, particularly when an option to avoid his death is readily available?During his Apology Socrates said ; & # 8220 ; For anything that adult male can state, decease may be the greatest good that can go on to them & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; and continued by saying that he considered both imaginable provinces of decease a addition. One which is an ageless dark filled with peaceable remainder, and the more common belief that one journeys to another topographic point filled with great work forces and adult females free from opinion and with a great easiness to discourse with. Who would non bask such a destiny?Socrates had been offered exile every bit opposed to decease for his offenses against the metropolis, but in his apology Socrates had gloried decease as opposed to expatriate, he preferred to take decease instead than be exiled from Athens. Socrates alluded that being exiled or get awaying would be tantamount to having a lighter penalty, and that was non a justified effect of the incorrect making.While talking with Crito, during Socrates & # 8217 ; portraiture of metropolis functionaries who had learnt of the programs to get away, Socrates claimed that get awaying would be seen as an effort to destruct the metropolis and the Torahs of the metropolis. He questioned ; could the metropolis continue to be if the determinations of the tribunals non respected and non forced.

He reasoned that he was basically a slave of Athens and had no right to revenge against the metropolis if the metropolis felt the penalty was suiting. Socrates continued to reason that the metropolis had raised him and educated him, wholly along leting every adult male the option to go forth if they felt the Torahs were unfair. But by remaining in Athens, and seeing the manner the metropolis runs, and seeing how the metropolis dispenses justness, Socrates states that he has no right to claim he had been wronged.

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Had Socrates chosen to get away and fly Athens, in kernel he would hold been ( on the side ) exiled from the metropolis, and would hold been no better off than had he take to be exiled in the first topographic point. In add-on word would hold traveled rapidly and the dwellers of the environing metropolis that Socrates had chosen to take up abode in, certainly woulvitamin D have found out about his flight, and while they may non turn him in, they most surely would be less trusting of him. He was after all a fleeting.It is a possibility that Socrates would hold suffered a similar destiny wherever he decided to populate, since in his Apology he said that if he were to be acquitted, he would non forbear from go oning his doctrine, therefore get downing the circle once more.Possibly the most important factor in Socrates & # 8217 ; refusal to fly from Athens was the & # 8220 ; prophetic mark & # 8221 ; that Socrates heard throughout his life. That godly voice that had followed him all through his life, warning him of things he was approximately to make which were non right, did non talk to him as he left his house the forenoon of his apology. Nor had it spoken to him as he was heading to the tribunal, nor had it spoken to him at any point during his address, and one could presume that it did non talk to him while he was detained in prison.

The prophetic voice had non stopped Socrates from any of his actions and it had non stopped him from any of his words, and so Socrates concluded that confronting his decease and accepting his penalty was the good and virtuous thing to make.So was Socrates right for confronting up to his decease, or should he has fled Athinais to one of the environing metropoliss? I don & # 8217 ; t believe this state of affairs lends itself to a right or incorrect reply. If the right reply is the 1 with the most benefits over injuries, so I believe that Socrates made the better pick.

By declining to fly from Athens Socrates saved his friends, his household and his followings much adversity and great danger from the tribunal of Athens. By confronting his decease Socrates most likely sacrificed himself for the good of Athens, it kept a construction to the judicial system. It & # 8217 ; s apparent that Socrates believed it was the will of God that he take the toxicant, and non get away from persecution. In taking decease over expatriate Socrates besides stood house in the lessons that he and his followings had learned through their conversations and Sessionss of oppugning. Possibly most significantly by make up one’s minding non to fly from Athens, Socrates remained true to his virtuousness.All things mentioned and considered, Socrates said more with his decease than he of all time could hold had he fled from Athens.


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