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Socrates: Know Thyself Essay, Research PaperWhat is doctrine? Doctrine is the survey of cognition, every bit good as the survey of the most cardinal inquiries of human being and world. A philosopher, hence, is a lover of wisdom. There have been many philosophers, but Socrates stands out from this intelligent group. Socrates is the first great philosopher of the western universe. He helped specify doctrine and provided a strong base for this subdivision of analyzing and oppugning. Socrates is an of import individual in history because he was the first great philosopher of the western universe and therefore contributed much to ancient society and his thoughts have been passed down and still stand today.

First, Socrates dealingss with household shows us his dedication to the chase of truth. Socrates was born in 469 B.C. in Athens, Greece. He died at that place, by hemlock toxic condition in 399 B.C. He was the inheritor of a affluent Athenian sculpturer and used his fiscal independency as an chance to contrive the pattern of philosophical duologue. Since he wrote nil down, the information we have comes from authors such as Aristophanes, Xenophon, and Plato s duologues.

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He served as a soldier in the Peloponnesian War as a hoplite in the armed forces. He even saved the life of Alcibiades in conflict. After the war, he dedicated much of his life to treatment in the agora, or town square. Consequently, he neglected his household and kids. His married woman, Xanthippe, was reported to hold a bad pique. This matrimony may hold been his 2nd. His three boies were Lamprocles, the oldest ; Menexenus, the youngest ; and Sophroniscus, named after Socrates father.

Although work forces were supposed to supply for their households, Socrates hatred of money brought his household into poorness. Dedication like this shows that Socrates chief concern in life was the hunt for truth and assisting others in their hunt. Second, Socrates categorization in life besides contributes to the cognition of his background and shows how he did non allow others & # 8217 ; sentiments of him drag him down. Socrates was frequently compared by Athenian citizens to the Sophists. The Sophists were persons who were gifted at persuasive statement and utile cognition, who were high in demand. They would portion their accomplishments and cognition for a fee. Socrates, nevertheless, resented being called a Sophist.

He criticized their instructions, stating they boasted of their wisdom, and this made him many enemies. Socrates, unlike the Sophists, opted for a free exchange of thoughts and found it his duty to portion of import things with all citizens so all could profit. He did, nevertheless, accept nutrient as a gift for treatment. His physical visual aspect besides helps one to see how many things Socrates had traveling against him. He was a barefaced adult male with a unit of ammunition face. He had deep-set gazing eyes, and a wide and flowery olfactory organ. Socrates was rather the chubby adult male and ever wore the same disheveled adventitia. His visual aspect and place in life demo how others sentiments did non maintain Socrates from what he loved best, the chase of cognition and truth.

Third, his spiritual and personal religious beliefs demo his thoughts of life. First, Socrates followed monotheism, the belief in one God. He besides hoped in an hereafter and that decease would non destruct him. He besides had a belief in of a Godhead presence within himself. He called it a devil, and it would warn him if he was making something inappropriate and would stay soundless if he pursued the good.

He implies that devils are the kids of Godhead and human parents ( supermans ) , and are so, midway between mortal and Godhead. This devil was good to him since his childhood. These religious beliefs show the thoughts and ideas of Socrates and add to his fame as the first great western philosopher. Following, Socrates statements on Athenian authorities made him a political fomenter, showing his virtue as a great philosopher and mind. He did non hold with the Athenian democracy and made this sentiment good known. He would frequently discourse authorities with rich immature work forces who loved his satirical analysis of the authorities.

He believed in a signifier of nobility. Alternatively of the rich opinion, he believed that the wise should govern. It is compared to the doctorial profession-one would non desire a physician who is inexperienced and has no information on the topic, merely as one would non desire a government functionary who has no cognition about his place, or authorities in general.

His statements about authorities demo his feelings of wisdom being most of import in one’s life.Besides, Socrates pronouncement may be the most of import facet of his doctrine passed down to minds today. His pronouncement was Gnothi seauton, & # 8221 ; or cognize thyself. Through Socrates life, this is a reoccurring subject of treatment. Socrates believed in nonconformity, and swearing yourself, instead than merely following what others say or believe. He felt his duty was to do people believe for themselves and turn out that constructs are non ever correct. He encouraged kids to explicate their ain sentiments, instead so merely taking their parents.

He felt that free idea was a right and a necessity. He believed that ignorance is non bliss, and hence consequences in evil. The geting of wisdom leads to right life. This instruction still stands today and is taught to modern doctrine pupils and shows his importance and impact on today. Another topic Socrates debated was virtuousnesss and morality.

A positive statement that Socrates made was a definition of virtuousness ( arete ) : virtuousness is knowledge. This means that if one knows what is good, one will ever make what is good. Therefore, if one does incorrect, so they do non truly cognize what good is. This justifies Socrates question moral places, for if their thoughts are incorrect, they can non be trusted to make the right thing. He besides debated morality and moralss, populating a good life. He felt that one should construct morality without spiritual beliefs, that the two should non entwine. He besides felt that there was a necessity of making what one thinks is right even in the face of resistance.

These subjects for argument have become portion of philosophical treatment today, demoing that Socrates so left his grade on history. Socrates actions, events, and inclinations besides prove himself as a great philosopher. First, Socrates wrote nil down. This was because he felt that cognition was a life, synergistic thing. He had a method of oppugning people on the places they asserted and working them through inquiries into a contradiction, therefore turn outing that their original averment was incorrectly. This method of cross-examination is known as elenchus, which gave rise to dialectic, the thought that truth demands to be pursued by modifying one s place through oppugning and struggle with opposing thoughts.

This thought of truth being pursued and non discovered characterizes Socratic idea and the universe position today. Socrates, besides, was really low in the fact that he was heard to hold said, One thing merely I know, and that is that I know nil. This shows that he knows that the quest for cognition is an on-going procedure. Besides, at the prophet at Delphi, he was pronounced the wisest Hellenic. He questioned more than he answered, coercing people to believe. He besides believed in holding nil in surplus. These thoughts and occurrences in Socrates life demo how he lived what he taught and how his thoughts are even taught an practiced in today s modern universe.

Socrates decease besides shows his dedication to his cause. When he was 70, Socrates was tried for learning unorthodoxy and perverting the heads of Athenian young persons. He was allowed to do the determination to halt instruction or to be put to decease. He chose decease over holding instruction. He felt that his scruples would do him learn.

He was put into gaol and expecting his sentence, when a friend bribed a guard to allow him free, but Socrates would non go forth. He felt that it was his responsibility as an Athenian citizen to follow through with his sentencing. He was given the drink of hemlock, and he lief drank the toxic condition commenting, Be of good cheer and say that you are burying my organic structure merely. This devotedness shown demonstrates his idea that one must make as you please, every bit long as it is within the jurisprudence, demoing that he was non a dissembler, but a great mind who stood up for his beliefs.

Socrates was a great adult male in history because of his many parts to doctrine and moralss, which still stand today. He effected the lives of many people and was greatly influential in the lives of other of import people, such as Plato, Euclid, and Xenophon. He left enduring Markss on today s society and was the first great western philosopher. Socrates, for many legion grounds, is an of import figure in history.


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