Socrates Essay Research Paper Socrates arguments that

Socrates Essay, Research PaperSocrates statements that it would be incorrect to get away from prison is as follows.

In Critos, Socrates explains to his friend Crito that get awaying from prison would travel against many of the thins that he ( Socrates ) believes in ; seeking virtuousness, seeking the truth, non refunding an immorality with another immorality, obeying the Torahs of the province and so on. He has lived by, and has fought for these beliefs in his life. In portion those are the grounds he is in prison. It is because he believes in those things that he will non get away. Even if it seems that he has been wronged. Socrates will non give up what he believes in order to populate a few more old ages. He believes that populating uprightly and seeking virtuousness are the most of import thins in life and life is non deserving life if he must halt seeking the truth.

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In the first statement Crito tries to convert Socrates to get away by stating him that, & # 8220 ; The universe will ne’er believe that we were dying to salvage you but that you yourself refused to escape. & # 8221 ; ( 22-23 Johnson ) He tries to state Socrates that if he does non get away so people will fault his friends for non assisting him flight. He besides tells him that his friends will be hurt by his decease and that by non get awaying his enemies will bulk of the people think. What they think does non count, it is what the few that right. Socrates besides tells him that if he does get away so everything what he has said and believed in the pas would be a prevarication and so he would be turn outing his enemies right.

By non get awaying he shows them that they are the 1s who are making incorrect.Another ground that Socrates gives for non desiring to get away from prison is that & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; .we ought ne’er to make incorrect at all. & # 8221 ; ( 26 Johnson ) Socrates reminded Crito of things that they had discussed in the yesteryear, one of which was wrongdoing. Socrates reminds him that one should ne’er refund a incorrect with a incorrect.

He says that even though it might be incorrect for him to be sentence to decease, he will non make something wrong in order to rectify his state of affairs. He says that get awaying is incorrect so he will non make it. This goes back to what he said earlier in the statement.

He stated, & # 8220 ;…..we should put the highest value no on life, but on life well.” ( 25 Johnson )Socrates goes on to state that flight is besides incorrect because he would be disobeying the Torahs of the Athenian authorities by get awaying from prison. And by disobeying the Torahs of the Athenian authorities he would besides be disobeying God. He says that it is against the jurisprudence of God to utilize force against your male parent or female parent ; and that it is much worse to utilize force against your state ( 27 Johnson ) . He explains how Athinais gave him an instruction, matrimony, protection, and so many other things.

But now that Athens wants to implement the jurisprudence he is non willing to accept it. He tells Crito that we have to obey the jurisprudence, if non there will be anarchy. He once more reminded Crito of the things that they talked about in the past and asks him if all those things had been true. Crito eventually agrees and he accepts Socrates destiny.I think that Socrates is merely seeking to do his life seem full filled. He wants to demo that his life was non a waste of clip and that his thoughts on life were valid and correct.Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. would hold that it would be incorrect for Socrates to get away from prison. The ground is, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. explains one of the four basic stairss in nonviolent runs. He states, & # 8220 ; one who breaks an unfair jurisprudence must make so volitionally so openly, fondly, and willingness to accept the penalty.

& # 8221 ; ( 479, King ) Dr. King like Socrates believed in Torahs and agreed that they are necessary to avoid lawlessness. The difference between Dr. King and Socrates is that Socrates did non believe that the Torahs were merely or unfair he merely believed that one should obey the Torahs of the state.If I were in Socrates quandary I would hold escaped. Dr.

King pointed out that there are two sorts of Torahs, merely and unfair Torahs. & # 8220 ; a unfair jurisprudence is a codification that a numerical or power bulk group compels a minority group to obey but does non do binding on itself & # 8230 ; a merely jurisprudence is a codification that a bulk compels a minority to follow and that is willing to follow itself & # 8221 ; ( King ) Socrates merely believes that we should merely obey the Torahs no affair what.


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