Socrates Essay Research Paper By Albo CruzSOCRATESDo

Socrates Essay, Research PaperBy Albo CruzSocratessMake you cognize who Socrates is? Socrates is a philosopher who did non merely have one position to thoughts or Gods, but had to traverse analyze them, harmonizing to the wants of his God. He taught his doctrine for free but he sang for his supper. In his epoch people said he was the wisest adult male of all but he said he was non wise at all.BackgroundSocrates was born in Athens, Greece in 469 B.C.

E and was sentenced to decease at that place in 399 B.C.E. , at the age of 70. His female parent was a accoucheuse, his male parent was a stonemason, and so was Socrates for a short period.

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He had a well younger married woman, Xenthippe, who was believed to be sick tempered and he was believed to hold another married woman but there are no records of her. Xenthippe had three male childs named, youngest Menexnus, Sophroniscus, and oldest Lamprocles. At the clip work forces were responsible for doing money, but alternatively of supplying, he was debating at the market place.Life BEFORE HIS DoctrineHis child life is non good known because he refused to chronicle his life or beliefs and he had no followings so.

Socrates says that he has a daimion ( scruples ) that he said, ? It ever forbids but ne’er commands me to make anything that would hold evil consequences. ? He says that if the daimion would non hold kept him out of political relations he would hold been killed earlier. As an Athenian, when a adult male became 16 he had to fall in the ground forces. Xenophon describes Socrates as a loyal soldier with a passion for discoursing morality. In conflicts, Socrates could travel without repasts longer than anyone else.

In the cold winters, other soldiers would be covered with heavy cloaks, while Socrates merely had sandals and a robe. Xenophon records that one twenty-four hours Socrates stayed in idea for a twenty-four hours so walked off and possibly discovered his ain intent.Socratess AS A PHILOSOPHERSocrates chose to compose nil. Most of what we know of him has come from his students Plato, Xenophon, and the dramatist Aristophanes. Plato described him as a adult male with a mission and moralss. Socrates devoted his life to functioning, ? the God.

& # 8221 ; Socrates was a great philosopher that used logical analysis to turn out myths incorrect, while catching the attending of people with his personality. He was described as particularly ugly, with thick lips, a large intestine, and a compact physique. Socrates would do gags of himself, but his beliefs are your true ego is non the organic structure but the spirit. Harmonizing to Socrates, virtuousness is interior goodness, and is within the interior psyche. He believed that the ultimate concern for each human being should be of their ain psyche. He believed true cognition was the power of the head to understand the lasting state of affairs after the facts disappear. He taught no affair what skin colour, form, or tallness we are all still human existences. A individual & # 8217 ; s mind can understand facts, but to capture the true kernel of something is to understand the nature of it.

He besides taught people to cognize what makes the psyche in order to act morally. Socrates believes that people commit evil behaviors non for the cause of immorality, but because of ignorance. Socrates warns those who do perpetrate evil Acts of the Apostless for benefits like money, power, or acknowledgment because the guilt of your psyche will out weigh your additions.

Socrates was convinced that virtuousness was cognition and the attention of the psyche is the highest human end. One twenty-four hours a adult male asked an prophet if Socrates was the wisest adult male of all and the prophet replied, ? Yes. ? When Socrates found out about this, he felt that it was his greatest responsibility to see if the prophet was right by inquiring inquiries. While making this mission of his, he tried to carry peoples concern to wisdom, truth, and the betterment of their psyches.

By making this, he developed the Socratic method or dialectic. This was the pattern of analyzing through guided inquiries. He would entice out their cognition so forced others to redefine their expressions, to believe of dissensions, and so believe, hunt, conjecture, and reply every inquiry.

THE TRIALThe test of Socrates has left one of the biggest feelings on history. Merely the test of Jesus was more controversial so this test. Many Athenians considered Socrates a unsafe free-thinker who did non move conventionally. Sons of rich Athenian households learned his dialectic method and that made them mad. A adult male named Anytus, a politician, disliked Socrates and positive Meletus, a male parent of a student, to convey Socrates to test. The charges were doing up new Gods and the corruptness of the young person. How can you bear down a adult male who merely worshipped one God with doing up new Gods.

They expected Socrates to make the usual voluntary expatriate, but he defended himself in forepart of 501 jurymans. Meletus demanded his decease and Socrates gave no attempt to support himself. The juryman & # 8217 ; s sympathy gave Socrates one last opportunity to support himself. He showed the accusers that they did non even cognize what the charges were and lectured them on ignorance. The jurymans were outraged and found him guilty and by tradition he could take his sentence. He said, ? His decease would ache them more so him and no injury can come to a good adult male. ? He suggested that he should be given free repasts for the remainder of his life. & # 8221 ; He so said, ? Ideas are non every bit delicate as men.

? After that he stated, ? They can non be made to imbibe hemlock. My thoughts and illustration will last me. The shame will be yours, non mine. ? Once once more, the jurymans were outraged and the ballots for his decease were more than the ballots for his guiltiness. While in prison, his adherents suggested to assist him get away, but he refused because it would be interrupting Athen? s Torahs.

He insisted that the Torahs were non responsible but the accusers were. Socrates told his followings a fabulous narrative about the of all time permanent psyche before the guard came. One of the adherents asked how to bury him and he said, ? Any manner you like, but you must acquire a clasp of me, and to take attention that I do non run off from you.

? At sunset the prison guard came in shouting with the hemlock and Socrates sent his household off. The prison guard thanked Socrates for handling him like a friend. Plato records in Phaedo that Socrates said, & # 8220 ; What are you making, my friends? ? He exclaimed. ? I sent off the adult females chiefly in order that they might non act in this manner ; for I have heard that a adult male should decease peacefully. So unagitated yourselves and bear up. ? When we heard that, we were ashamed, and we stopped crying. But he walked approximately, until he said that his legs were acquiring heavy, and so he lay down on his dorsum, as he was told and spoke for the last clip. ? Crito, ? he said.

? I owe a prick to Asclepius. Do non forget. ? ? It shall be done, ? replied Crito. When retrieving from an unwellness a prick was to be given to the God Asclepius, the God of healing.DecisionIn decision, he non merely lived his doctrine, but he died for it. He was a focussed, down to Earth adult male. I admire Socrates for his ideas and the illustriousness in him.

How do you experience this adult male lived his life?


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