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Sockuck Essay, Research PaperThe ABC & # 8217 ; s of Government PlanningWhen authoritiess are be aftering, they should non halter the economicdevelopment of a state by worrying about the quality of life and otherenvironmental concerns. The economic system should be put in front of all else. Money spent on protecting the environment is better spent on undertakings toencourage economic development. With a good economic system, the disposal ofgarbage and toxic waste is made much easier. The authorities should do economic development the highest precedence. By utilizing the environment to their advantage, they will be able to increasethe economic system even more. For case, if they were to give big licenses tologgers, the lumbermans would so be able to cut more trees, therefore increasingthe economic system.

For those who say that people should non cut trees becausethey are the beginning of the O we need to take a breath, retrieve that the & # 8221 ; seaweed in the ocean is the largest manufacturer of O and the largest userof C dioxide & # 8221 ; ( Dietz 34 ) . When compared to seaweed, trees are smallpotatoes in footings of the sum of O produced. It is best to non worry about the environment, while pursuingeconomic growing ; it has lasted this long so it will do it through us besides. & # 8220 ; Many people have lost their occupations because person decided that you can nolonger make something to the environment.

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& # 8221 ; ( Hellyer 22 ) . This was recentlythe instance in Newfoundland when the authorities decided that the fisherscould no longer fish. For many this was a lifelessly blow as fishing was allthey knew and now they have no manner of doing an income. This is merely oneof many illustrations of how giving the environment a higher precedence than theeconomy has negative effects. Once a good economic system has been created, people can so travel back andhelp the environment. It must be done in this order for legion grounds. One such ground is that a healthy environment will assist no 1, unless thereis a booming economic system to travel with it. & # 8220 ; But acquiring a good environment with agood economic system is highly hard.

& # 8221 ; ( Kerr 174 ) . On the other side of the coin, making an environment after there is a booming economic system is much easier. When 1 has a good economic system, it does non count what states the environmentis in.

Once we have achieved a strong economic system, we can so concentrate more on theenvironment. Recently, we have been seeking for topographic points to dispose of ourgarbage. If we were to all truck it to the Grand Canyon and dump it at that place, are job would be solved.

The Grand Canyon offers an about limitlessamount of infinite for dumping our enormous sum of refuse. There will bethose who complain that it is a major tourer attractive force, so it should be leftalone. However, all the Grand Canyonis is a elephantine hole in the land. Ifyou are the type of individual who would lose looking at a hole, so grabyourself a shovel and caput out to your backyard. If you do non experience likedigging a hole that large, delve a little one so utilize a magnifying glass toincrease the size of it.

By making this, we solve our refuse job andallow everyone to hold a tourer attractive force in their ain pace. We evenincrease the transportation of money among private citizens ( you can bear down moneyto people who want to look at your hole, and you could sell the soil fromyour hole as top dirt ) . Another fillip of holding a robust economic system, is that we can afford toproperly dispose of toxic waste. This thought has been proposed legion timesin the last few old ages but ever greeted with a negative response do to themoney involved.

Now nevertheless, with the economic system booming so much, we canafford to jettison the toxic waste into the Sun. The engineering for this hasbeen around for old ages but has ever been cost prohibitory. Having a good economic system will besides let us to assist society as a whole. With all the money we will hold, people should assist those who are lessfortunate, we will non but we should. We will be able to cut down poorness. There will besides be more money to pass on instruction and wellness attention. Thisspending in bend will do the following coevals better and stronger than theone before them. Equally long as the economic system is arranged to be more of import so theenvironment, the state as a whole will boom.

Once we have secureda dining economic system, we will be able to set out attending to other countries ofinterest and concern. If you are the type to bury which order theyshould be put in, merely turn to the alphabet, & # 8220 ; ec & # 8221 ; from economic system comesbefore & # 8220 ; en & # 8221 ; from environment. Simple right. I leave you now to chew over whatI said with this vocal to reinstate my positions. Money SongThere is nil rather every bit fantastic as money There is nil rather every bit beautiful as hard currency Some people say it & # 8217 ; s folly, But I & # 8217 ; vitamin D instead have the lolly, With money you can do a splash. You can maintain your Marxist ways For it & # 8217 ; s merely merely a stage For it & # 8217 ; s money makes the universe go unit of ammunition.

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