Sociology, the Modern Family Essay

Marriage, being the oldest and most sacred tradition of human kind still being practiced, plays a big role in most societies.

Depending on demographics the importance of the institution of marriage differs. In America although the divorce rate is substantially high, marriage is still considered a goal in most people’s lives. While the nuclear family was a trend for a short amount of time, some of the ideas behind it have valid ground.For example, studies prove that children who live with both mother and father tend to do better in life both socially and economically. Children who grow up with both parents form stronger and more stable relationships with people and generally grow up and form stable families of their own.

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Until the twenty first century same-sex marriage was basically unheard of. Not until recent years have laws been changing to allow it. Recent studies show that children adopted into same-sex marriages bear no substantial difference in socioeconomic statuses in their adult forms.I believe that people should have the right to marry who they love, not who they find “safe”, and since its been proven that no harm is placed on the children of same-sex couples, I think that same-sex marriage should be changed to a nationally recognized law, with the same benefits as heterosexual marriages. Marriage in America is always changing, from fifty years ago when fathers were the bread-winners and mothers would just stay at home and nurture the children, to now where more woman are getting degrees and both parents usually work.While reasons for marriage differ for individuals, for example marrying for security, wealth, status, fame, or even citizenship, marriage is still an important part of society.

It is the most basic structure on which the country thrives. It is through marriage that families are brought about, and through families which children are socialized and so on and so forth. Unfortunately the institution of marriage is not as “sacred” as people believe it is.Many people marry for the wrong reasons, which lead to divorce or issues such as domestic abuse, these issues then put psychological strain on the children (if there are children), which turns into a vicious catalyst of parental neglect and abuse for future generations.

Today marriage may not mean what it meant in past generations, but it is still the major stepping stool for success in today’s society.


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