Sociology S. ,2016). Social issues are of

Sociology is the study of human interactions in a society. It focuses on the norms that guide people in their interactions with those around them with the aim of achieving harmony in the setting of a family, community or society. Human to human interactions influence the society in which they live in and on the same note, society influences the way people interact (Giddens, A., Duneier, M., Appelbaum, R.

P., & Carr, D. S.

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,2016). Social issues are of importance to all professions, for example, politicians, teachers, businessmen, doctors, administrative officers, nongovernmental organizations and social workers. Throughout my life, even before I joined the sociology field, I realize that sociology is part of my daily life. This essay will focus on my day-to-day life and the interactions with people around me.In my childhood life at home, there are rules that governed my behavior. My interactions with my brothers, sisters and neighbors, all followed a given set of norms. For instance, it was unacceptable to respond rudely to your parents and generally, anyone who older than you. When addressing my parents, it was always in a humble manner, in a respectable posture and avoiding the use of offensive words.

Quarrels and mumbles were discouraged amongst siblings. If there was an issue between my siblings and I, the solution was to take it up to our parents who would then consider both sides of the argument and give a favorable solution. These are practices which I learnt over time and they are indwelling in me. Good interactions within family members are important because they contribute to family stability and a harmonious society at large.(Karp, D. A., Yoels, W.

C., Vann, B. H., & Borer, M. I. ,2016)As a learner in both primary and secondary schools, there are norms that governed our behavior.

It was a requirement to address teachers respectfully either as sir or madam depending on their gender. Rude responses were unacceptable as this would amount to disrespect. In class, upon being asked a question by a teacher, it was a norm to stand up, introduce yourself then go ahead and answer the question to the best of your knowledge. If anyone disagreed with your answer, they had to ask for permission to oppose. Booing somebody who held a different opinion from yours was against good conduct in class. Insulting, fighting and mockery were highly discouraged when solving disputes between students. The acceptable way was to take the matter to the teacher on duty, prefects or class secretaries who would then solve the issue.

Even at the dining halls, serving was done on a first-come first-served basis. Everybody was expected to be in a queue as they approached the serving centres. All this were in an aim to ensure order in these institutions.In medical school and in practice, my interactions are in line with a set code. Proper dressing is one of the major subject matters in the medical profession. Official dress code sets you out from the rest of the population. It also guides your interactions with others, for instance, relationship between students and between students and lecturers would be formal and professional. Patients are not to be considered as less human beings.

They are supposed to be held to the highest level of respect while dealing with their ailments. Sexual interactions between doctors and their patients is considered a taboo since this places the doctor-patient relationship in jeopardy. A respectful relationship has to be maintained so that patients develop confidence and trust in you as a medical practitioner who is attending to them.Medical practice follows a particular code of ethics that governs them as they dispel their duties. Marriage life would be a disaster without abiding to specific guidelines that are suitable for both spouses. I have had a happy and successful marriage for the past eight years because i have learnt the art of listening. This allows me to consider my spouse’s opinion on any subject matter that is at hand.

Any conflicts or disagreements arising are solved by talking in which both my spouse and i give our opinions on the matter and come up with an amicable solution to deal with the matter. The use of courteous words and employing etiquette at large is very helpful in maintaining a good relationship between us. The same also applies to my parents-in-law. This has gone a long way in boosting our marriage.

Religion is also guided by a specific set of rules. A formal or official dress code when going to church is a habit that i have developed over time. Good dressing shows the level of respect that you hold for the Most High.

The use of vulgar language is imprudent when within the church premises. All words used are respectful and in keeping in line with the christian life. Church officials such as pastors, deacons, members of the clergy and singers are also held to a high standard. There is mutual respect between church members and the officials. This has proved important for maintaining a godly interaction in accordance with the Biblical doctrines. A code of conduct exists in areas of residence.

In my area of residence that is situated close to a baby care center, it would be imprudent for example, to play loud music as this would distract activities in the center. Garbage collection is done by the caretaker. Every household is assigned a dustbin in which they dump all their litter before collection. Careless dumping does not occur as it would put eveyone’s health at risk.

Schedules that have been designed by the caretaker have also ensured that we do not cross paths. Such schedules are on the use of gym facilities, the laundry machine and the massage center. Our interactions as neighbors have grown to become fruitful and beneficial. In conclusion, all my life since childhood, sociology has played a part in many aspects. My interactions with others as a child, student and doctor have been governed by certain guidelines that have made associations harmonious. Being a sociologist gives me a chance to analyze these relations and take part in solving disputes and advising policy makers on such matters.     References Giddens, A., Duneier, M.

, Appelbaum, R. P., & Carr, D. S.

(2016). Introduction to sociology. WW Norton.Karp, D. A.

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Waveland Press.


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