Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Sociology Of The Police Essay Research Paper

Sociology Of The Police Essay Research Paper

Sociology Of The Police Essay, Research Paper

Robert Korn

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May 13, 2000

Sociology of the Police

Dr. Vrettos

The Police

In today & # 8217 ; s society the constabulary, drama may roles. They are the peacekeepers, jurisprudence enforcement and many other occupations. However, late they have become the topic of a really heated and big argument. Many believe that the constabulary should give up their beast type tactics for a more civilised and humanized attack, while others feel that the constabulary should check down on the most undistinguished of offenses to type and belittle offenses that are more serious. In this paper, we will be analysing both sides of this issue, from the expression of the constabulary disposal to the public & # 8217 ; s position of it. When we mention today & # 8217 ; s constabularies force we will be utilizing the New York City police force as are footing of comparing, because they seem to hold the biggest public sphere of treatment.

To deeply under stand the issues environing the constabulary one as to look at how the constabulary has become what it is today. At the beginning of modern civilisation, there was no such thing as the constabulary as we know it today. There was no construct of society and hence no construct of right and incorrect. Justice was the ability of one adult male & # 8217 ; s ability to support himself. If one adult male sought to get another adult male married woman so all he did was kill off the first adult male and take her for himself. In today & # 8217 ; s modern society, these types of actions are unheard of. In this clip and topographic point, this was the unwritten jurisprudence, endurance of the fittest. As worlds progress farther they started organizing folks and little sets and society was born.

In the late 15th and sixteenth century a period known as the enlightenment was go oning. One of the thoughts that came from the enlightenment was the thought of a societal contract. This theory explained what happened when those barbarian, unorganised groups of work forces became a society. The theory says that in order for a society to work persons have to give up the familial right of self-government ( i.e. The ability to make as they saw tantrum ) . They had to give those rights to a opinion organic structure ( i.e. the authorities ) . Then the opinion organic structure so took on the duty of supporting they right s of the people and make up one’s minding what was right and incorrect.

Over many old ages the thought of a policing organic structure took many signifiers. In many societies they were merely a group of hired work forces that served a peculiar individual, acerate leaf to state they were non moving in the best involvement of society. Normally these groups were made up of workless work forces whose lone ability was his strength. As more old ages function by the policing organic structure adopted a more sociological or philosophical attack. These tactics included utilizing the people themselves to patrol them egos. An illustration of this would be in early China where the people were expected to describe on the neighbours and households for offenses committed against the province and opinion organic structure. The thought behind this was to transfuse fright and ignorantness in the populace to give the opinion organic structure an upper manus. In other societies alternatively of penalizing the incorrect actor for a condemnable action the opinion organic structure would penalize the households of the incorrect actor. This would make a society that one would forestall offense on the thought f non desiring to harm one & # 8217 ; s household and two would created a society that would turn in a brother or neighbour to forestall injury done on one & # 8217 ; s ego for another & # 8217 ; s actions. This would liberate up the authorities to cover with other affairs.

In the early 18th and 19th centuries the thought of offense control and ordinance became the large thing. The thought of commanding the condemnable category with payoffs and intuition of other condemnable entities was the manner the authorities hoped to set a tether on offense. So, we come to the constabulary as we see it today, it is of import to observe that this is merely a speedy outline of the history of the constabulary, to travel into item of the history of the constabulary would take a long clip.

Today one of the largest subjects of the constabulary argument is ; does the constabulary choice on the minorities as a centre for offense. To further this thought does the constabulary usage inordinate steps in contending offense. The police New York City constabularies have applied the thought of broken Windowss, which is the thought of repairing communities small jobs before undertaking the big 1s. However, feel that the NYPD has taking it to far and has to re-define their methods. In an article with Prof. George Kelling ( besides the Godhead of Broken Windows ) entitled & # 8220 ; Repairing Broken Windows & # 8221 ; he tries to demo that the NYPD have to give officers developing and counsel that will enable them to cover with the little jobs. He besides says that the constabularies have to larn that that their behaviour must reflect their places. In short what Kelling is seeking to make is demo that the constabularies have to understand that depending on their actions is what is traveling to excite the community as a whole.

Many in the public believe that the constabulary are utilizing tactics that are far excessively terrible for the type of offenses committed. Besides believe that the constabulary usage a category based patroling constabulary that pits the minority against the policing agents. If by doing the case in point that all minorities have a higher offense rate compared to the remainder of society therefore we as a policing organic structure have to move much more harsher in order to command it. Those among the minorities are outraged because they are treated harsher so the bulk. The scene is all excessively common, a black adult male is arrested fro the same thing as a white adult male, nevertheless the Black adult male gets 6 months in gaol and the white adult male gets a month or two. Or the police officer sees a black adult male walking around a white vicinity tardily at dark and arrests him for prowling, when T is discovered that he lives in the vicinity the adult male must wait hours to acquire through ruddy tape.

The populace and others believe that the constabularies have to take amore active function in the communities. Alternatively of collaring everyone that looks like they are interrupting the jurisprudence, why non acquire to cognize those peop

lupus erythematosus and see what issues cause such behaviour and so move on that information. Many believe that the tactics used by the constabulary are indirectly doing the jobs. If the constabulary would really handle all ethnicities equal so a batch of the jobs, many believe, would disappear.

The constabulary nevertheless, feel that their tactics and ability to run things has brought offense to an all clip low ( NYPD studies ) . Harmonizing to the disposal of New York offense is at an all clip low, with all types of offenses down. They saw that this is due with the nothing tolerance and broken Windowss attack. They believe that the presence of more street bulls and patrol units has led to the dramatic diminution in the offense rate. In & # 8220 ; Mapping Change & # 8221 ; by Eli Silverman, the contention is that the constabulary in order to supply the equal control have to alter their ways, and due to the new regulations and ordinances imposed by the NYPD has led to the all clip low in offense. Silverman says that there are three major subjects to be concerned with. The first is that traditional constabulary patterns have small affect on offense when based on economic and societal factors. Second the constabulary units have to alter their manner of making things to a much more productive. Finally, they need to go forth the political relations behind. These three subjects are known as the Conspicuous Absentees. What the NYPD did in turn toing the 2nd and 3rd subject was to alter their organisational manner of making things. The NYPD besides started sharing information from one section to another giving all facets of the jurisprudence enforcement bureau more information to work with, since before this clip was restricted to information gathered by that peculiar group. They have besides started with a new doctrine, it is better to herd the gaols with a little clip wrongdoers for a weekend the N to hold them crowed for long periods of clip with heavy wrongdoers. They believe that by pinching the job before they start they believe that they can do people to understand what behaviour is accepted and what behaviour is non. They say that they have increased constabularies attending to disturb vicinities in conformity with the thought of repairing broken Windowss. The NYPD believe that these tactics that they have now adopted along with the back uping statute law have led to the overpowering bead in the offense rate, peculiar to New York City.

Many nevertheless do non believe that the new constabulary tactics or the new offense bar statute law have anything to make with the autumn in the offense rate. In an article by Andrew Karmen, Karmen posses that the correlativity between the offense rate falling and the constabulary force are weak at best. He says that there is no direct form or tendency in the relationship of the offense rate and new constabulary techniques. An illustration he gives is the clearance gross revenues or the solved offenses statistic used in slaying instances. The tendency is that as more slayings are solved the committed slayings go down, and visa versa, nevertheless harmonizing to the statistics this doesn & # 8217 ; t keep true for past Numberss when the solved slayings went down and slayings themselves went down. Another illustration that Karmen brings is the bead in seeable slayings or offenses, offenses that are committed in an country where a bull on pes or in a patrol auto can see. Harmonizing to the NYPD, offenses in the countries that are covered by bulls have fallen dramatically besides taking to a bead in the sum of non-visible offenses. However, Karmen states that this comparing is weak at best because the form doesn & # 8217 ; t ever tantrum. He uses the illustration that even though the sum of offenses went down the sum of clip for the constabulary to react to went up besides, so this would led most to believe that another variable was doing the offense to travel down. One of the NYPD & # 8217 ; s value statistics is that the sum of offenses committed with fire weaponries have plummeted, due to the fact that the sum of misdemeanor offenses apprehensions have gone up. The thought is that if those that carry guns are afraid to transport them make to the fact that they may be searched at a everyday constabulary halt. If they are afraid to transport guns due to the possibility of a little misdemeanor so they will non possess the agencies to perpetrate a more serious discourtesy. Again, nevertheless, Karmen puts Forth that the bead in offense rate is non due wholly by the actions and policies of the constabulary section because once more the tendency doesn & # 8217 ; t keep true for all old ages that the statistic was recorded. What Karmen is seeking to state is non that the new techniques of the constabulary section make non play a function in conveying down the offense, what he is stating is that they are non the lone thing that is lending to it, there are other variables at drama.

In decision is it better for the constabulary to utilize a more tactful attack to commanding offense even though it may in some ways cause guiltless citizens undue concern and defeat. Is at that place a footing for the constabulary utilizing category and cultural policing as a feasible manner control offense? We may state that this is unjust and a type of racism. Or do we state that the bulk of offense comes out of the lower income and cultural minority communities. If that is the fact of the affair so shouldn & # 8217 ; t we so assist to better those environments.

It appears that in our modern society that we are to caught up in stating people what they are making incorrect so stating them how to repair them. Even today peculiarly in New York, with the offense rate at an all clip low it appears that the constabulary and the legislative bodes are more inclined to throw people in gaol so to assist them to see why they are making what they are making. The constabulary have to get down to do a more active function in the communities around them. That is what they are paid to be, a defender of the community non an superintendent, they serve the people of that society that has placed them in that place.

Peoples must understand that a constabulary office is merely a adult male and capable of doing errors. A police officer must put his life on the line in order to protect others. We all must give them the regard that individual who is willing to support others.