Sociology Essay Research Paper Sociology 210 Exam

Sociology Essay, Research PaperSociology 210 Exam # 2 ( Essay # 4 )When sociologists think of the postmodern society, shopping promenades are most likely the first thing to come to mind.

It can be easy argued that & # 8220 ; shopping promenades are the cathedrals of postmodern society & # 8221 ; Timess have changed since Marx argued that who you are is what you do or since Durkheim argued that who you are depends on your faith. Nowadays, who you are is what you buy. People all over go to shopping promenades to do their lives easier than past coevalss. They go to these promenades to purchase merchandises that increase their position in society or increase their leisure or increase their easiness of life. Besides in the postmodern society, people tend to desire to be different and look different. So, where else would one travel but to a shopping promenade where he will happen a greater figure of picks of whatever merchandise he desires. This is where people go to shop for their & # 8220 ; individuality makeovers & # 8221 ; .

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One of the major features of today s society is that the postmodern ego demands to be movable. People represent themselves by things that they can transport with them all the clip. For illustration, vesture is a major manner of stand foring one s ego in postmodern society. One can show his positions and beliefs merely by dressing in a certain manner of vesture. And of class, the promenade is the topographic point to travel to acquire these movable, representational points. Shoping promenades have non become the & # 8220 ; cathedral of postmodern society & # 8221 ; merely for their merchandises. They besides serve as a acute topographic point to socialise.

People both immature and old spell to promenades to run into with friends or to even run into new people. Very seldom is it possible to happen person at a promenade merely to shop for what he/she wants and so go forth.With the demand to socialise, do life easier, make one s ego representative through movable objects, and to shop for & # 8220 ; individuality makeovers & # 8221 ; , it is apparent to see why & # 8220 ; shopping promenades are the cathedrals of postmodern society. & # 8221 ;Of the classs in Table 4.

10, the 1s that a labeling theoretician could outdo explain are harlotry, inebriation, and intuition. Once a adult female is labeled as a cocotte, there isn T much she can make to acquire a occupation. Even if she isn t a cocotte, a labeling theoretician will reason that one time she is labeled as one, she will go one because the & # 8220 ; aberrant & # 8221 ; will see herself as such and will move in conformity with her rubric.A individual who is labeled an alky will either go on to be one or go one one time he has realized that he can t acquire around it. A labeling theoretician will most likely believe in the stating & # 8220 ; Once a alcoholic, always an alky, ” because it s stating that a individual will keep true to his label.A labeling theoretician decidedly believes that a individual one time convicted of a offense, will keep his condemnable label forever and will ever be a leery individual.

It s interesting that although most apprehensions of most discourtesies are against white people, most intuitions are on black people. A labeling theoretician might explicate this as the fact that there is a major bias in the United States against the black race. Since the bulk of bulls are white, they will by nature be more leery of black people because they have already been given a label before they have even committed a offense.T-Bone s actions are a offense. For an action to be considered a offense, the specific action must be outlawed, there must be uniformity, the jurisprudence must hold been passed by a authorities organic structure and it has to be sanctioned by the authorities. These all apply to T-Bone s instance. The act of firing a gun at any human, unless permission is given, is illegal.

There is decidedly uniformity in this offense. The jurisprudence applies to everybody, no affair what. The jurisprudence was passed by a authorities organic structure and it is enforced by the same authorities organic structure that passed the jurisprudence. Since T-Bone s actions fit all of the standards, they are considered a offense.T-Bone s actions are besides aberrant. There are three state of affairss present in a state of affairs of aberrance. There must be an outlook, where some norm, regulation, or jurisprudence to which people of a group are expected to conform to, a misdemeanor of the norm, regulation, or jurisprudence, and a reaction to that lawbreaker of the norm, regulation, or jurisprudence. It is safe to state that people in the United States are expected to non draw out a gun and shoot at person.

The misdemeanor is the act itself that T-Bone committed. Specifically, it is when he pulled out the gun and fired at J.J. Sparks, even if he didn t hit him. Finally, there was a reaction to T-Bone s actions.

The constabulary arrested him and put him in gaol until a tribunal test could be set up. This was the countenance directed at the lawbreaker. Based on these three regulations, T-Bone s actions were aberrant.In order to find whether or non T-Bone s actions were societal control, it would hold to be determined whether or non Sparks actions were aberrant. T-Bone s actions were a reaction to Sparks actions.

However, it isn t societal control unless Sparks actions were aberrant. Harmonizing to the three regulations to find aberrance, his actions are non aberrant. Sparks did non go against any norm or regulation or jurisprudence ; hence, his actions weren t pervert. And since, his actions weren t pervert, T-Bone s actions weren t societal control.


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