Sociological when more of the younger generations

Sociological imagination, as told by C. Wright Mills, is “theability to view one’s society as an outsider would” (Schaefer, 2016, p. 3).

Forme, being in college has really allowed me to look past my own personal viewsof the world to view different situations as others do. I have learned that we musthave an open mind and be able to look past our own beliefs to expand our knowledge.For example, in society today obesity, like many other societal issues, is viewedfrom many different perspectives. Obesity is a public issue because more andmore Americans are becoming obese each day. Whether it be a family gathering orsimply hanging out with friends, our whole lives revolve around food. Obesitybecomes a personal issue because we are the only ones who can control what weeat, how much of it that we eat, and how often we exercise to burn off the calorieswe consume. Obesity is becoming a big societal problem because the healthiestfood options cost more than unhealthy food options. In return, this results inmore people becoming obese because they can not afford the healthier fooditems.

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Another example of sociological imagination is teen pregnancy. Mostpeople view teen pregnancy as something that could have been prevented. In apersonal view point, teen pregnancy could have been avoided with the rightcontraceptives or abstaining from sex all together. Teen pregnancy becomes apublic issue when more of the younger generations are becoming pregnant, whichcould have been caused by rape or other unwanted factors. One of my closestfriends chose to work instead of going to college. Before I took a step backand looked at this situation from his perspective, I judged him for not wantinga better education.

Before judging him, I wish I would have known about sociologicalimagination, because he is actually very successful at what he is doing.Overall I have learned to overlook my view points and take into an account ofhow others view things.


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