Societys View on Body Modification Essay

A man is walking through a super market doing his grocery shopping , as he reaches over to grab something off the shelf he feels a cold stare to his left.

He looks and is surprised by the sight of an entire family starring at him with facial expressions of confusion and even disgust. The man ignores, turns and begins to walk away but he can still feel their eyes locked on him, and not just the family ,now the entire isle is focused on him. As his face begins to become red he puts his head down and walks away embarrassed.This speech will be about Society’s view on body modification. I will be explaining what body modification is and the stereotypes associated with them.

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Also I will be using myself as a prop to show tattoos, different piercing locations and gauges. What is body modification? Body modification Is the deliberate altering of the human body for any non-medical reason. Several types include: Comedic Plastic surgery-Surgery to enhance appearance. Tattooing-using needles to insert ink into the dermis layer of the skin.

Body piercing- the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewelery may be worn “Gauges or Ear expansion- is a form of piercing that involves the act of placing tapering sized plugs to actually expanding the earlobe skin to a larger diameter and placing jewelry inside, For example On me Tattoos-I have both arms filled with tattoos. 31 hours in total Labret piercing -anywhere through the lip area-place small barbell stud inside.Septum-goes through the septum of the nose-and place a hoop inside Tongue piercing-straight through the tongue-place a barbell into the hole Ear expansion- i’ve stretched my ears to 3/4 of an inch Why do we do it? Why would someone modify their bodies? Those who modify, manipulate and mutilate their bodies for many reasons weather for excitement,-the excitement of something new pleasure,-some people actually enjoy pain and use piercings and tattoos as a release. Self improvement-people feel as if the modification will enhance their appearance.Self expression-show the world who they are through Body modification. Others place it in the context of art, ritual or self-expression. Tattooing and piercing are one of the many ways through which people express their identity, as they are symbolic representations of how the self is conceived or understood. I personally use body modification as a form of self expression and art.

I am fascinated with the art of tattooing and also piercings. I believe that they enhance my appearance and express myself as a whole. Society “Norm”-What is considered normal.Normal is used to describe when someone’s behavior conforms to the most common behavior in society. Definitions of normality vary by person, time, place, and situation. By today’s standards body modification is not accepted everywhere. Images and styles communicate meanings about the individual to his/her peers and to society. Styles of dress, language, music, and dance are some of the ways that portray one’s own unique symbols, values, and meanings.

Body modification, particularly tattooing and body piercing is just another style or image. Body modification viewed by societySociety is opposed to people who have body modifications and can even be outright rude to those with them. Also making claims that are completely false and sometimes even to the point of being completely ridiculous. Much of society makes assumptions about modified people before they even met them. Many people seem to think that those who have body modifications are low-lives that will do no good in society. Many people can’t understand why someone would choose to put holes in her body or cut their skin. They see body modification as self-destructive.

Some are simply against body modification because of their religious beliefs . There is only one form of body modification is accepted in society and not viewed negatively. And that is cosmetic Plastic surgery -society’s general reaction to a nose job or breast augmentation is typically acceptance. You will not have to remove these for a job interview. That is not the case with tattoos,implants,gauges and piercings.

As these are not accepted and typically viewed negatively. You will have to cover up your tattoos, and remove all piercings when going to a job interview.According to a poll done in the late 1990’s, a majority of the people associated “body modification” with rebellious, immature, experimental, and freakish. only about 10 percent of those polled associated it as artistic, normal, or stylish.

In the modern day a person can’t go anywhere without encountering a person who has some form of body modification which means majority view it as a negative thing. Even tho it is part of society and is present in every career. There are people in every culture and every career with different body modifications.Some of the people that much of society views as heroes such as policemen, firefighters, and doctors all have body modifications.

So does their appearance change who they are and what they’ve accomplished. or does this make them a bad person? Conclusion Body modification is becoming part of society and the prejudice some have towards it will only hurt society as a whole. The fact is that bad people aren’t the only ones getting body modifications today.

If people would set aside their negative perceptions of body modification, they might see the positive in it and accept it as just another form of self expression.


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