Society vs. a Modern Dystopia Essay

Brianna M. September 15, 2011 Society vs. a Modern Dystopia Aldous Huxley’s historic book The Brave New World presents a horrifying view of a possible dystopian future in which the society is procreated through scientific advancements.

This society shows a civilization that is controlled only by scientific methods and is based on a stringent caste system. Huxley illustrates elements of an advanced society that is ultimately dissimilar from ours through its thoughts, feelings, and morals; however, its experiences with addiction resemble our own.The future society depicts a civilization in which the inhabitants are devoid of any thoughts or emotions. They are “conditioned” to accept things the way they are and to not question them. The society strongly believes in the motto “Community, Identity, Stability” which could be threatened by the thinking process (Huxley 1).

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When people think they question; when people question they start to see the reality of their surroundings. To keep this from taking place the government constantly has the people occupied with television and activities, from the time they were made until the time of their death.Fortunately, there is no such process happening today. The government does not hold the people back, but instead, it pushes them further; they encourage society to expand their thoughts.

Society today is much more open, encouraging, and accepting to the various ideas of the people than the society of the future happens to be. Our society’s open mindedness is accredited to our feelings toward one another. We listen to what others have to say because we generally care about their thoughts and feelings.In the “modern” civilization of Brave New World the people simply do not care.

They look at society as a whole and turn away from the individual. They are detached from one another and therefore are only able to think about their own well-being. In this society there is no love or understanding. To have a personal attachment to someone is something that is unacceptable and very foreign. This modern world lives by a very different moral code than we do today. Their government uses sex as a way to unify the community without creating any lasting bonds.

In our society there is hardly anyone that believes that “everyone belongs to everyone else” (Huxley 40). This type of behavior and belief is not something that would be accepted today. Promiscuity has always been frowned upon.

It is an unsafe practice, but with all the scientific advances in the modern world they did not have to worry about any of the consequences. They would have frequent orgies that were similar to a parade and it was a completely normal occurrence for them. Something like this being “normal” would never happen in our society today.

It is too morally corrupt. The only thing that seems to be similar between our society and the society pictured in the book is addiction. The characters of Brave New World were all addicted to a drug called soma. Whenever an uncomfortable situation presented itself the people would take soma. It made them feel like they were on a vacation and nothing else mattered; they were dependent on the drug. This type of thing takes place every day in our communities. Addiction is everywhere, even in a fictional world. Our society and “modern” society are polar opposites in most cases.

We live by two very standards of living and are accepting to different things. Though this is true, they are both similar when it comes to drugs and dependency. In our world it is, unfortunately, a very common thing to become addicted to a drug; however, this addiction is not accepted in our society like it is in the book. We try to correct this problem because we care about those around us unlike the society in Brave New World. Works Cited Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World. New York: Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2006.



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