Societal Geography in Sub-Saharan Africa Essay

Societal Geography in Sub-Saharan Africa – 797 WordsPART ONESocial/Ethnic Geography of ChadDominant languages: French (official), Arabic (official), Sara (in south), and more than 120 different languages and dialects.Religious groups: Muslim 51%, Christian 35%, animist 7%, other 7%.Racial groups: Arabs, Gorane, Zaghawa, Kanembou, Ouaddai.Colonizers France, have played a very important role in restoring the economic and social standards of the nation. Whilst Chad’s current living standards and level of development are improving, Chad is still ranked 173rd in the 2005 Human Development Report, with an HDI value of 0.

341 (HDR, 2005).Social/Ethnic Geography of KenyaDominant Languages: English (official), Kiswahili (official).Religious Groups: Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, indigenous beliefs 10%, Muslim 10%.Racial Groups: Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 14%, non-African (Asian, European, and Arab) 1%.European colonialism has had a steady impact on Kenya with the majority of their religion being taken by Christianity. The human poverty index value for Kenya is 35.4% and ranks 64th among 103 developing countries for which the index has been calculated (HDR, 2005).

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Social/Ethnic Geography of GhanaDominant Languages: English (official), African languages (Akan, Moshi-Dagomba).Religious Groups: Christian 63%, Muslim 16%, indigenous beliefs 21%.Racial Groups: Black African 98.5%, European and other 1.5% (1998).With strong links to its colonial settlers, Ghana remains one of the most prosperous nations in West Africa. The human poverty index value for Ghana is 35.

1% and ranks 62nd among 103 developing countries for which the index has been calculated (HDR, 2005).Social/Ethical Geography of ZimbabweDominant Languages: English (official), Shona, Sindebele.Religious Groups: Syncretic 50%, Christian 25%, indigenous beliefs 24%.

Racial Groups: African 98%, mixed and Asian 1%, white less than 1%.British settlers have had an important impact on Zimbabwe with an intrusion similar of that to South Africa. The human poverty index value for Zimbabwe is 45.9% which ranks 89th among 103 developing countries for which the index has been calculated (HDR, 2005).PART TWOChadian’s Barred from SchoolsIn Saudi Arabia 100,000 Chadian residents have been barred from attending school in what the UN sees as human discrimination affecting their education. (September 7, 2006, Chadians Barred From Schools, Hospitals in Saudi Arabia). http://allafrica.

com/stories/200609070006.html.This story relates in an imbalanced way to the place in which it takes place, as there are clearly social discrimination restrictions going on that prevent the people of Chad from leaving Saudi Arabia, let alone becoming citizens of the country.

This story relates to the 51% Muslim religious factor back from Chad as Saudi Arabia is primarily a Muslim nation.Kenya: Sh3.5 Billion to Be Spent On Food SecurityThe Kenyan government has set aside a vast amount of money to improve the overall nutrition of Kenya. (September 23, 2006, Sh3.5 Billion to Be Spent On Food Security).http://allafrica.

com/stories/200609240003.html.This story relates to the previous facts in part 1 mainly due to the fact that Kenya is a steadily growing nation that continues to improve each year with the help of its government and the international charities. With Christianity being their main religion, this indicates European impact both in the government and with societal issues of development.Ghana: Teenage Pregnancies in the CountryThis story outlines the current problem in Ghana of teenage pregnancies..

(September 22, 2006, Ghana: Let’s Check Teenage Pregnancies in the Country). story relates well to part 1 as it shows that although Ghana is improving there are still problems that exist.

These problems may be caused by the white settler’s impact on their society, or they may not, but what is important is the fact that HIV can also be on the increase if education on the matter isn’t sought.Zimbabwe: West Abusing Human Rights Says MutasaThis story is centered on the assumption that Western nations are using human rights as a way to exploit power. (September 23, 2006, Zimbabwe: West Abusing Human Rights Says Mutasa).

This could be said to hamper their image with the rest of the world and lowering their imports and exports, which in turn hurts the economy and more importantly the people of Zimbabwe. This story relates well to part one as it shows the racial differences that are involved in the Zimbabwean government.PART 3Parts 1 and 2 have spoken a lot about the social geography of the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Perhaps the most interesting thing I learnt was the fact that although these countries are improving in terms of social development, there are still a few holes there that need to be fixed.

Part 1 highlighted the statistics, with heavy influence on the “white” colonial impact in these 4 countries, it could be said that this influence could be both good at bad. Whether or not the social development and living standards will get better with the help of outsiders only time will tell.REFERENCES


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