Socialization and Social Networking Site Essay

There are a number of ways in which one can be socialized.

For me personally, it was family and school that have played the biggest part in my socialization skills. Due to my dad being a pastor, I had the Baptist religion instilled in me from early childhood. Having a dad as a pastor can be very hard as an adolescent. As much as you want to go out and have fun with your peers, it is something that you were almost forbidden to do or did not want to do. You never knew what types of activities your peers may choose to engage in and as much as you wanted to take part in the fun, you did not want to take part in anything that may not be legal.There were many times I was asked to go on a date or invited to a party, but because my dad was and still is a pastor, I was not allowed to go or chose not to go.

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The standards, in which I was held to, often made me feel like I was not trusted. This in turn made me act out at home as well as school. Going to school was and still is a way of which I have been socialized and resocialized.

There are some things, such as skipping class, which I am not proud of. I truly hated school that much. However, doing so allowed school to have a big impact on my life.I say this because after receiving a report card that showed how not going to class affected my grades. The feeling I got when I saw my grades changed my outlook on sitting in a desk at the front of the class. Seeing the disappointment in my mother’s eyes was even more painful, as that is a look I never wish to see even as an adult.

It is sometimes harder as an adult when it comes to school, unless you still live with your parents, because you have to discipline yourself when you are not doing what you know should be done.My education is very important to me. It only took me one time to get a report card with one passing grade, out of four different classes, in order for me to see the importance of getting an education; not to mention that I wanted to live a life of no worries when it came to how I would support myself as an adult. Henslin (2011) claims that most resocialization is voluntary. That may be true for some people, but resocialization was not an option for me.

Had I not been resocialized, I may not be typing this assignment today.There were ways, such as my attitude and my behavior, which may have prevented me from doing so. As with most people, much of my socialization came from my family. They were the ones who first taught me what sorts of behaviors were expected of someone in my society. They were even more important to my socialization because of the fact that they were socializing me to be more Jamaican even though we lived in America.

My peers have also played a large role in my socialization. They helped me determine the types of people I wanted to associate myself with from an adolescent to an adult.Sadly, I must say that, through resocialization, I am no longer friends with most, if any, of my peers that I associated myself with as an adolescent an as recently as earlier this year. Because I did not watch much television as an adolescent, the mass media did not play much of a role in my socialization. However, as an adult, that has changed.

As I got older, I fell in love with music and entertainment of all sorts. I am always on some type of entertainment website or social networking site trying to see what is the hottest album or group of song, who is the hottest music artist, actress, or actor, and what celebrities are in love.In conclusion, there is always something or someone new that comes into your life. This is only opening the door for, what Henslin (2011) claims to be, resocialization, which is one learns new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors to match their new situation in life.

We all have been socialized at one point in our lives. Some have even been resocialized on more than one occasion, and I know this because I can say that I have. Society truly makes us human (Henslin, 2011).What you do throughout your life course is all brought about through you being socialized and/or resocialized.

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