Socialism in the public sector who went

Socialism started with robert owen he started his experiment in a town indiana in 1825 he shorted work days cared about how his people lived they had a curfew no public intoxication and  kids went to school education of all levels  from kids to adults  all goods distributed equally within all  stores  they were losing amusement for the perfect community it had a lot of thinkers and  few doers  7 different constitutions everyone was leaving new harmony they had no privacy cause you share everything as land to goods  and it started to fall apart             socialist fredrik angels was a typical frat boy liked women pubs and people conjugated with him and followed him 1840 works lived horobal lives women worked children worked and the work in class was very horrible and works were becoming radicalized by angels in january 1848 there was a revolt of workers communist manifesto socialism  das kapital book wrote a master work he had dtrans led the communist  pamphlet in all major european countries A rapid rise of socialism was starting to rise  something was wrong with markes vision and it had a flaw burnstine people thought that he had  no more faith in socialist and his socialist revolution did not work              Tanzania also tried socialism and it started off well they saturated by offering to facilitate the building of a nation of equal and free individuals enjoying freedom, justice, fraternity, and concord, through the pursuit of the policy of Socialism and Self Reliance which emphasizes the application of socialist principles the people of tanzania were relocated to a place that had no water thorney business and people start to move from the place they were  placed at ujamaa shining village on a hill       In britan socialiscum was also a fail inflation was high at 24 %  Welfare costs were also draining the economy. The period of December 1978 through January 1979 became known as the Winter of Discontent  people in the  public sector who went on strike, truck drivers, medical personnel and teachers. the Labour Party seemed incapable of controlling the strikes that were affecting the public.

the Conservative Party came back into power when Margaret Thatcher was elected the first female prime minister in 1979The united stae did not accept the theory of socialis merica becuse it  has stood for the average person to enjoy life and america has made socialisums unnecessary it has failed a lot and not worked when they have tried to do it and peopl do not like it because

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