Social share the same interests and activities

Social Networking websites are web based platforms where a group of people who share the same interests and activities are chained together.In such a collective pool of participation,they share their ideas and thoughts and thus exploring the interests and activities of other participating members- newsfeed.Social Networking sites are ideal platforms which employs various tools for the participating members(users)to interact with one another using chats,emails,videos & images,file sharing,blogging & discussion groups and pages.Social Networking websites are the platforms where company recruiters hunts for their ideal recruit and are being as a tool to retain the best talent pool.The same platforms are used by the individual employee to find his ideal fit(dream job) and then to boost his/her career growth.How is it all done?1.By creating and managing profiles,applications,pages and groups2.

Connecting the “otherwise missing links”- Alumni Network3.Creating User Specified Contents4.Encouraging Employee Value Proposition(EVP)5.

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Providing a huge array of potential employer choice6.Creating Careers and not just mere Jobs7.Publishing news,photos,events and podcasts.8.

Being Fun and Interactive9.Be ever Exciting & EvolvingThe fact is, employers nowadays face a shrinking talent pool and an occasional per centum (which implies that there aren’t many of us ideal for the available positions). As a result, several firms face rigorous challenges in finding the ideal fit for the job vacancies.According to a popular marketing firm – Kinesis, based in Oregon,US.In 2015, 38% of the employers faced excruciating difficulties in filling out job vacancies – increase of 2% ,since 2014.

This trend can solely continue as additional “Baby Boomers” reaching retirement age – with 10000 “Baby Boomers”retiring on a daily basis, in accordance to the studies conducted by Pew Research.Even the most subtle firms – those abundant with financial and other resources to take a position in their hiring and talent acquisition – report that attracting, developing and holding the best talent pool is among the foremost formidable challenges in achieving profitable growth.Hiring and nurturing A-players(best recruits) isn’t a matter to be neglected; it requires a processing method that can systematically attracts the ideal candidates whose attitude and personalities align together with the establishments core values and goals.Persuading the best candidate to join the company is an USP of a company.

Generally, acquiring new candidates has been deemed as a time consuming procedure and this is where the social media comes to the aid of a recruiter.Gone are those day when a recruiter posts an ad in a newspaper or bulletin boards.The ideal recruit – particularly the most effective of the lot– might already have a full filling job. As we know, they’re doubtless and is already used to and is largely content in their current position -which implies that they are within the early stage of their job search.

The priority reason that they’re going to apply for a promising position at your company is if your company profile grab their attention unless your company is an another Google or Apple.Prominent methods that companies employ to acquire top brains in their “Awareness” phase of job search includes utilization of social media to draw in talent: It’s a no hush-hush secret that LinkedIn is a crucial place to open positions and interact with potential candidates.However once it involves revealing the work culture, think about adding Facebook to the recruiting toolkit. One can post about new job openings, fun videos, blog posts, updates concerning things the staff do along, and photos that showcase the team and work.The potential employee can then enquire their colleagues regarding the company.

They will glance through the social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and GlassDoor to induce insight into the work-culture balance of the company and then they will re-evaluate the company web site with a fine needle and then skim through the company daily posts in the social media websites. If they can catch hold of a  company’s current worker from online profiles, they will invite them over a occasional meet up to conduct an informal review (get the business insider scoop).In short, the prime candidates will be reviewing the company long before they apply for a foothold altogether within the company -to get the figures right. And once they are done with their review and have made-up the decision regarding the company- it is going to be truly merit based – and solely can they then apply for their dream jobs.


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