Social Seattle Seahawks, Sam Ramsden (2016) said

Social media addiction hasbecome a common issue for our community during this globalization era. Social mediabrings the meaning of websites and applications that enable users to create andshare content or to participate in social networking.  Whereas addiction refers to the fact orcondition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

There aremany kinds of addiction that exists, but social media addiction is one of theaddiction that is going worse day by day. Regarding to social media addiction,there are the symptoms, impact and help to overcome this addiction.There are a few symptoms to find out ifsomeone is addicted to social media. One of the symptoms is making a socialmedia as a first thing to do in the morning. Often, you can see that peopleupdate their status on the media social such as Facebook telling that they justwoke up.

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Director of Player Health and Performance with Seattle Seahawks, SamRamsden (2016) said that almost every social media addict will begin theirdaily routine by slowly and pointlessly scrolling through what you have missedon Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more during your eight hours of sleep.Social media takes over every activity is also one of the symptoms ofaddiction. Have you ever experience the moment when you are watching moviewhile holding your phone, you were actually on your phone while the movie isplaying? If yes, then you are one of the social media addict. Moose A (2015),writer on Elite Daily once said that as a result the whole experience becomesless enjoyable. It’s easy to fall into the routine of checking social mediasites whenever you have a chance, but by doing so, we tend to appreciatereality less.

Hence, making a social media as a first to do in the morning andtakes over every activity are the symptoms to social media addiction.            Socialmedia can also give impact to the people. Social media can impact our physical.People who often on social media tend to get frequent headaches, discomfort inthe eyes and may not be able to sleep properly. Anxiety UK (2012) conducted asurvey on social media use and its effects.

The survey revealed that two thirdsof participants reported difficulty relaxing and sleeping after using socialmedias. Other than that, relationship may be affected by social media. You cansee nowadays there are zero interaction between family or friends when theyhang out together. Everyone is more focused on their social media on theirphone than people around them. Harleena Singh (2015) said in her article,family activity time is now replaced by endless hours of internet surfing andchatting with people you may or may not even know that results in hardly anykind of family bonding or interaction with the ones closest to us. Thus, socialmedia can give impact on physical health and on relationships.

If you are addicted tosocial media, don’t worry, there are ways to help you overcome this addiction.First thing you must do is limit yourself. To limit your time on social media,you must set a timer on how long you should spend your time with social media.Although it is difficult to stop when the time pass, you have to be strong andavoid the temptation to spend more time. Avoid social media by setting a timerto remind you when it’s time to log off ,15 minutes is a good start and if youcan’t follow the timer, get an app that will force you off (SashaGraffagna,2015). Furthermore, get a new hobby is another way to overcome socialmedia addiction. You should do something that you always want to do but don’thave time or try learning new skill such as martial art.

In fact, when you havea hobby, you will forget to check your social media application. Having a hobbywill distract and you won’t have to be on social media to feel entertained(Anastacia,2017). Therefore, you should have strong wills to overcome thisaddiction by find alternative ways to not spend more time online.In conclusion, we findthat someone is overwhelmed by social media by the symptoms that are happeningto them and impact in their lives and there is help on how to overcome theaddiction. Although social media important nowadays, someone should know how touse it in an effective way as it can give negative impact to people.

 A person who have been addicted to socialmedia need to take a good look of their life and step back from this addiction.In short, social media can be useful if you can handle it wisely.  


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