Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Social Observations Essay Research Paper For my

Social Observations Essay Research Paper For my

Social Observations Essay, Research Paper

For my societal observations paper I attended a high school football game and observed how pupils interacted with fellow schoolmates, viz. pupils from other towns, instructors, parents and even the town & # 8220 ; super-fan & # 8221 ; . I besides observed how they interacted with schoolmates of different race and ethnicity and how they didn & # 8217 ; t interact with the aged. I expected to happen that the pupils would be chiefly in groups of the same societal and economic position. I besides expected to happen the pupils maintaining their distance off from the parents in the bases or the parents maintaining their distance off from them.

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When I foremost arrived it was evident that the & # 8220 ; popular & # 8221 ; pupils still sat in the same subdivision ( top left corner ) in the bases as they did when I was a pupil at that place. It was obvious that the pupils that were in this group felt comfy around other & # 8220 ; popular & # 8221 ; pupils. The pupils in this group seldom strayed off unless it was to the bite saloon and when they did it was with 4 or 5 others. On their manner back from the bite saloon the instructors would sometimes seek to get down a conversation with the pupils but the pupils kept it short and sweet, afraid of what fellow schoolmates thought.

There was really small interaction outside the group for fright of embarrassment. Most of the conversation outside the group was to the town super-fan who is more frequently than non intoxicated. He attends all the football, hockey, and baseball games and is frequently on the raucous side. The pupils found it diverting to inquire him inquiries and give him conjectural state of affairss. This was one of the really few times they interacted with non-group departers.

The pupils from other towns are automatically viewed as castawaies and aren & # 8217 ; T included in the conversation. When pupils from other towns are introduced to people in the group, the pupils are frequently nice but so criticized their personality or vesture behind their dorsum. One of the more popular pupils had a cousin from the town of the opposing squad and everyone in the group was friendly because of the popularity of his cousin.

The parents sat in the in-between subdivision of the bases off from the & # 8220 ; loud and obn

oxious adolescents” . as one parent stated. The parents’ chief aim was to pay attending to what was go oning on the field and possibly catch up with a few old friends. I asked one parent why they didn’t sit with the pupils and she said, “I can’t enjoy the game if their shouting all the clip and moving like a clump of idiots.” On the other manus the students’ chief aim was to speak about what they were making after the game, what happened in school that twenty-four hours or whose fellow and girlfriend.

The biggest surprise to me was that the African American pupils sat in their ain subdivision of the bases. The few African American pupils were ever included four old ages ago when I was at that place. The figure of minorities has increased since I was a pupil at that place ; therefore it was now more noticeable that they separated themselves. They besides seldom interacted with people outside their group but the attempts they made to maintain their distance were more apparent. They besides didn & # 8217 ; t pay excessively much attending to the game but their behaviour was loud and more obvious. Unlike the group of white pupils the African Americans sat with races other than their ain like Latinos and Asians but the group was predominately African American. There were a few white pupils that conversed with the African American pupils but it was periodically and for a short sum of clip. I asked one pupil why they thought there were separate groups throughout the bases, she replied, & # 8220 ; They ( minorities ) they sit over there we sit over here, it & # 8217 ; s no large deal. & # 8221 ; These pupils separated themselves possibly because they feel more comfy with people of their ain race, or possibly because the white pupils make them experience unwanted. In my observation it was non because the white pupils discriminated against them but because it was how they preferred to discourse.

In decision all the different societal groups I discussed tend non to interact with each other. In some cases it was done on intent like in the instance of the parents but in other instances it was merely because of the different degrees of how they viewed their societal position. How, who and where high school pupils interact with each other is really of import to them because of repute.