Social Norm Project Essay

Behavior:Walk around with my sweater backwards. For this project I plan to walk with my sweater on backwards around parks, family, friends, and random people I see in stores.

I also plan to observe and record their reactions. I think if I walk around with my sweater backward a lot of people will notice and give weird looks or laugh because it is out of the ordinary.Experiment:Trial 1- I went to nob hill with my Oregon sweater on backwards.

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Some people looked at me weird others shook their head and one person giggled. May 2 3:30pm Trial 2- I walked around and central park with my hood on backwards so I couldn’t see and lot of people of looked at me and laughed. Some thought I was was high or off some drug.

May 2nd 5:50pm Trial 3- I went to class with my sweater backwards and my teacher asked me what If something was wrong. Some kids in my class laughed and though I was just acting dumb. May 4th 11:35am Trial 4- I went to my cousins house with my sweater backwards and she looked at me weird. May 9th 6pm Trial 5- I went to breakfast at IHOP with my sweater backwards and my seater laughs and thinks i’m silly. May 10th 11am During the 5 trials nothing unexpected happened. I got occasional awkward stares and giggles. But no one made it a big deal.

The most interesting trial was when I went to nob hill because a lot of the workers looked at me weird.Conclusion:Overall most people reacted the same. I got stares and giggles but no one said anything to me or started laughing out loud. Possible confounding variable could have been the moods people could have been in, the weather or the understand of what that persons deems normal. In this project I learned that social psychology applies to everyday life and how we and act and respond in social situations.


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