Social Norm Breaking Essay

In every facets of society. there are societal norms. If there are no norms. we would be populating in a universe full of pandemonium because norms define which behaviours are normal and which behaviours are non normal. These societal norms are of import to cognize so people do non move in a peculiar manner that would do Deviance. behaviour that violates norms. On February 13th. 2015. I was in my sociology category to obtain some new information and increase my cognition. It was a regular chilly winter forenoon and my sociology teacher told the category to interrupt a norm in our society as a research experiment. This to me felt like a Cultural Shock. personal uneasiness one feels when come ining a new civilization. because as a Korean. being respectful and following the regulations are a immense portion in the Korean civilization. I decidedly did non anticipate a instructor. who should be stating us to non interrupt regulations and behave in a respectful mode. to state us to interrupt the regulations and possible be rude by interrupting societal norms. Although I was shocked. I was really aroused to travel out at that place and interrupt some norms.

I began this experiment on February 19th. 2015 in Palisades Park. New Jersey. Now what is interesting about Palisades Park is that it is a Korean town. There were a batch of Korean coffeehouse and bakeshops all around the country. And merely like me. they all had Cultural Particularities. traits that are peculiar to a civilization. I was really interested in entering the reactions of the people in this town while I would be interrupting the norm. I foremost entered a bakeshop called Shilla. There were quiet a few people at the topographic point. I observed and it seemed as though most of them were Korean seniors socialising and minding their ain concern. I walked up to the hard currency registry experiencing a small spot nervous. The teller looked really friendly and had a pleasant smiling on her face. Equally shortly as I approached her. I asked her. “Can I get a Big Mac. please. ” She replied. “Excuse me? ”

And I told her the same thing. She had a really at a loss expression on her face and that pleasant smiling was no longer at that place. I observed and in my caput I went. oh shoot. What is she traveling to state? Is she traveling to kick me out of the shop? She courteously responded. “I’m sorry. but I think you came to the incorrect shop. We don’t have Big Mac here. Please travel elsewhere. ” Unable to incorporate myself. I burst out into laughter. I looked about and the Korean seniors were all looking at me amusing. I was decidedly able to state that they were all judging me of how ill-mannered I was being and how much of a nuisance I was making. Feeling abashed. I ran out of the shop rapidly. Although I felt like I failed on my first attempt. I did win on analyzing the reactions of the teller and the other clients in the shop every bit good.

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I moved on to the following shop for a 2nd attempt. This clip I was traveling to non mess up and maintain inquiring for a Big Mac to foster see more reactions. The shop that I entered was a bakery/cafe called Paris Baguette. I once more looked around and observed the country. The societal scene was the same as when I was in Shilla except this clip the cashier up at the hard currency registry did non look excessively friendly. I felt like the cashier’s Social Interaction. the ways people respond to one another. was non traveling to be excessively polite if I asked for a Big Mac. But I did non allow that halt me from experimenting. So I confidently walked up to the registry and aloud spoke and asked the teller. “Can I get a Big Mac. delight? ” The teller had a face of a pissed off bulldog and she impolitely responded. “Do we look like McDonald to you? ” I was a spot intimidated but I did non allow that halt me and I continued. “Well I don’t attention. I’m inquiring for a Big Mac. Can you delight give me a Big Mac? Gallic Fries excessively while you’re at it. ” She impolitely responded once more. “Look! I’m sorry. but we don’t have Big Mac.

This is a Korean cafe/bakery. non gross outing McDonald! ” In response. I told her to travel purchase me a Big Mac and sell it to me. At this point. she was non traveling to take anymore of my bunk and cursed me off and asked me to go forth the shop before she calls the bull to do me go forth. It was clip to interrupt the act because if I continued on. I would hold gotten into problem. I rapidly explained to her it was a sociology experiment and told her to loosen up. She did non looked excessively pleased. As I began to walk out of the shop. I observed the Social Structure. the manner society is organized into predictable relationships. I apologized to the Korean seniors around me who gave me a fed up expression.

They told me I was improbably ill-mannered and told me to non populate my life like that. which sounds like a spot of a rough thing to state to a individual. but I expected this sort of a response from the seniors because of their Cultural Particularities and their Social Structure on regard and orders. They wholly ignored the fact that the teller was besides improbably rude to me with a atrocious client service. But finally. I was the scoundrel of the scene because I was the one interrupting societal norm.

In decision. my experiment turned out to be reasonably successful. I was able to detect and obtain informations on how people in the bakeshops and coffeehouse react to unusual behaviour that is non in their societal norm. I was able to see and understand many different sociological constructs through my experiment and what can be the cause and the consequence of interrupting societal norm. In today’s universe. this construct of societal norm will go on on in our society every bit long as we live in a orderly universe of civilians that socialize and live with proper mode.


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