Social Media Essay

As the Internet is being used more, social media has grown in popularity as a way to connect with people. Even though social media is a great way to stay close with friends and family there are also many drawbacks that come with it. For instance, social media consumes so much of people’s time that they lose sight of what’s really important. Social media also takes away from the privacy of the people that use it as well as hinders the development of social skills needed to survive in the real world.Social media has become such a big part of people’s day-to-day life that it restricts them from succeeding in other areas such as work and school.

If social media consumes all of your time then there is no time left to accomplish anything important. There are so many times that people spend all day on Facebook or Twitter and have no time left for homework or family. If social media weren’t around to distract people from what they really need to achieve in their day or in their life people would have the opportunity to become so much more successful.Anything put on the Internet or social media is out there for anyone to see.

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This becomes dangerous for anyone who takes part in social medias because you never know who could have access to your information. It is so important to always be careful with everything you post because you never know who could get ahold of it. Nowadays kids and teenagers don’t understand the dangers of the Internet and don’t monitor the things the say, they think they’re invincible and nothing bad could ever happen to them.When you post something on any social media site it takes away all your privacy because it is out there for the world to see.

As communication evolves to be online through social media, people lose the skills needed to carry on a conversation in person. Social media makes everyone become antisocial because if all you do is talk to people online then you never gain the people skills to talk to people in person which will eventually become a disadvantage when you’re doing things like interviewing for jobs or trying to meet new people.It also affects people’s manners and grammar because they aren’t used to being around people and having to respect them or talking instead of typing. Overall, social media does more harm than good. Even though it connects old friends and family and helps people to stay in touch, it takes away from some successes in life.

If social media was no longer around then people would accomplish so much more, be so much safer and gain so many real friends.


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