Social Learning Theory On Edgar Allen Poe Essay

Essay, Research PaperEdgar Allen Poe is one of the greatest poets in our clip. In entirely everything he loved, he loved entirely. He struggled through his whole life through decease, enviousness, sorrow, and semblance.

He was different from others and really down. The societal acquisition theory by Albert Bandura and Julian Rotter will explicate the ideas, feelings, experiences, and behaviour of Edgar Allen Poe.Edgar Allan Poe was born in, Massachusetts, on January 19, 1809, the2nd boy of going histrions. There is no record of his male parent after 1810 andhis female parent returning to the southern circuit, died a twelvemonth subsequently from TB.Edgar spilt up from his senior brother and younger sister. His senior brother and ismarried woman, female parent and grandma all died of TB. He was taken into afamily of a virginain Tobacco Merchant, John Allen, whose name Poe wasadoptive 1824.

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He went to England with the Allen household in 1815 and whileat that place he attended a school in Stoke Newington, yet Poe relationship with hisFoster male parent was uneasy and was put under great strain when he returned toCapital of virginia. John was lying in his deathbed beckoning his stick shouting at Edgar.John took everything out the will and gave it to charity. Poe was broke.Bandura suggests that human behaviour is due to a mutual determinism that involves behavioural, cognitive, and environmental factors. For illustration, Poe married his thirteen-year-old cousin, Virgina Clemms.

His life and behaviour changed Poe. Poe was happy, he was frantically in love like kids running in the hayfields, and holding field daies under a tree. Poe was learning her how to play the flute and taught her algebra. Then the environment changed. One twenty-four hours in the house a friend of Poe? s was at that place for dinner and Poe? s married woman American ginseng for him. Than she began to cough blood and Poe feared the worst.

He called a physician and the physician told Poe that his married woman is deceasing of TB. Poe became really down. After his married woman? s decease in 1847, Poe behaviour became really unstable and his dependance on intoxicant increased. Bandura uses the term self-system. The ego in societal acquisition theory is a group of cognitive procedures and constructions by which people relate to their environment and that aid to determine their behaviour. In Poe? s instance he used to kip following to the grave of his married woman in the graveyard.Virgina was a theoretical account in Poe? s life.

The features of the theoretical account affect imitation. We are more likely to be influenced by person who we believe is similar to ourselves. For illustration, Virgina is 13 and Poe felt like a child once more when he was with his married woman. He was like a child running around the hayfields. Before run intoing Virgina, Poe resorted to chancing in an effort to seek and back up him self, but was forced to go forth college. Edgar was chancing and imbibing with the pupils. Poe was in debt of 20,000. He lost more so he won and so borrowed to cover his debts.

After a violent battle with his Foster male parent over the pick of calling, Poe went to Boston. Subsequently he got a occupation as an editor on the southern literary courier. During his clip with the periodical he did much to increase its readership but was subsequently sacked because of his inordinate imbibing. Then Poe met Virgina. In societal acquisition by bandura the properties of the perceiver besides influence mold. Peoples who are missing in self-esteem or who are unqualified are particularly prone to copy a theoretical account. Poe knew the wages effects associated with a behavior influence the effectivity of the mold. Poe was more likely to copy a behaviour because he believed that such actions would take to positive short-or long? term consequences.

Which meant Poe wasn? T depressed any longer and was holding merriment holding field daies under the tree.Poe had small extrinsic reinforment and no vicarious support. Poe? s work went unnoticed. But in 1845 he published, ? The Raven? , for 14 dollars. It brought him some acknowledgment but unluckily it was non plenty to prolong his married woman Virgina financially. Poe was largely entirely so he couldn? T learn the appropriate behaviour from success and errors of others.

But Poe was had instrinic support. For illustration, the subject of decease in much of Poe? s work, including? The Fall of the House of Usher, ? may hold been a direct contemplation of Poe? s personal brushs with decease. His psychological and emotional well-being had been influential in the authorship of? The Fall of the House of Usher.

? As Bandura stated, it is non the behaviour itself or the feedback thatis honoring, but how we feel about it. So Poe expressed his ideas through authorship. The complacency sustains the pattern of the behaviour.

Bandura has developed and elaborated on the construct of self-efficacy, people? s belief that they can successfully execute behaviours that will bring forth coveted effects. Poe found success redacting Burton? s Gentleman? s Magazine from 1839-1840 and so Graham? s Magazine from 1841-1842 ( Quinn 74 ) . During this clip, Poe delivered talks on American poesy, published 36 narratives including & # 8220 ; William Wilson, ? The Masque of the Red Death, ? and? The Murders in the Rue Morgue, ? and besides released a aggregation of narratives in 1840 entitled Narratives of the Grotesque and Arabesque. It was during this extremum of Poe? s printing calling that he published? The Fall of the House of Usher. ? Bandura provinces, self-efficacy is one constituent of societal cognitive theory. It plays a cardinal function in regulating our ideas, motive, and actions. Self-efficacy arises from past achievements that serve as indexs of ability, from vicarious experiences that alter our beliefs through comparing with others, from societal influences.

One thing that I believe had a strong impact in Poe? s life is what Bandura said about self-efficacy.Julian Rotter spoke about internal versus external control of support. I believe that Edgar Allen Poe was an External.

Externals are more like to conform and prefer non to hold to do a pick. Externals tend to be more dying and down, every bit good as more vulnerable to emphasize. They develop defensive schemes and invite failure in get bying with a undertaking and utilize defensive schemes subsequently to explicate their failures. They attribute their deficiency of success to bad fortune or the troubles of the undertaking. Poe was faced terrible poorness with entire net incomes amounting to fewer than one 100 50 dollars ( Quinn 74 ) . Poe did non happen satisfaction, for neither Burton? s magazine or Graham? s met outlooks of his ideal publication. Poe was frustrated with his calling and aspired to redact a magazine of his ain, a magazine of a higher category than that of Burton? s or Graham? s ( Quinn 75 ) . He strove towards the publication of his ain magazine, which he would name the Penn and subsequently alteration to Stylus, but Poe shortly discovered his effort would be useless.

He blamed his failure on George Rex Graham, Poe? s employer, who agreed to financially back up the Penn, but so withdrew his backup. Although it was during this clip that Poe was most successful in footings of printing his work, he was non financially comfortable. His best gaining twelvemonth, he likely made about $ 1,100 merely above poorness degree rewards by the criterion of the clip ( Quinn 694 ) .

Poe is non an internal because internal s are more likely to take to good physical and emotional wellness and to take positive stairss to better their wellness such as discontinuing smoke, avoiding substance maltreatment, and prosecuting in regular exercising. Poe was raised in a imbibing society. It had been said that a individual glass of vino would acquire Poe rummy and although this may non be precisely accurate, it can be said that one drink would impact him visibly. Poe besides used opium.Finally a down and fickle Poe attempted self-destruction in 1848 and tragically died in 1849, five yearss after being found in a hallucinating and semi-conscious conditions in Baltimore. Poe was non have oning his apparels ; he was have oning person else? s apparels. The apparels were excessively little for him.

Then he was taken to Washington College Hospital. Poe was speaking to the walls in his sleeping room, but cipher was at that place. On the early Sunday forenoon, October 7, five in the forenoon, Poe spoke his last words, ? God aid my hapless psyche? and so he died.

They are 22 accounts for his decease.So in my decision, Albert Bandura said human behaviour is due to a mutual determinism that involves behavioural, cognitive, and environmental factors. I spoke about the three factors that influence mold: features of the theoretical account, properties of the perceiver, and wages effects associated with the behaviour. Besides a function in experimental acquisition: extrinsic, intrinsic, and vicarious support. Finally, Self- efficaciousness by Bandura. I briefly touched the subject of Julian Rotters I-E graduated table to mensurate internal versus external control of reinforement in Edgar Allen Poe? s life.Peeples, Scott. Edgar Allan Poe Revisited.

New York: Twayne, 1998.Quinn, Arthur Hobson. Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography. New York: Peter coopers Square Publishers, 1969.

Wagenknecht, Edward. Edgar Allan Poe: The Man Behind the Legend. New York: Oxford UP, 1963.


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