Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Social Heirarchy Essay Research Paper In developing

Social Heirarchy Essay Research Paper In developing

Social Heirarchy Essay, Research Paper

In developing telecasting shows today, the media has been able to make a universe where tragic jobs of society can be dealt with in a minor 30 proceedingss. In world, our jobs may look really serious, but they can be taken off really easy by telecasting. The cause of this is aggregate media & # 8217 ; s influence on how these serious jobs are resolved in & # 8220 ; TV Land. & # 8221 ; It is falsifying society & # 8217 ; s thought on how jobs can be resolved, or even given the thought that these jobs of society are non needed to be worried about because of the manner that they are treated as minor jobs.

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The telecasting show Popular takes topographic point at Kennedy High School in Los Angeles, California. The secret plan centres around two coteries of teens, the & # 8220 ; in & # 8221 ; crowd and the & # 8220 ; out & # 8221 ; crowd, led by Brooke McQueen and Sam McPherson, severally. Although the show consists of struggles sing members of each coterie, the chief secret plan involves the ceaseless differences and challenger between Brooke and Sam. Sam does non experience as though it is just that equality between the two coteries is present and so she takes it upon herself to see that the & # 8220 ; in & # 8221 ; crowd wages for the manner that they treat anyone that is non of their position. Sam struggles to derive equality with those of the more popular crowd within the school. By demoing both types of crowds, it expands the screening audience because everyone can associate to either on of the two crowds.

Walking down the hallway of Kennedy High School, one can easy descry out who the members of each of the two crowds are merely by their visual aspect. Anyone who is blonde, beautiful, and looks as though she can be a theoretical account for the screen of a magazine can easy be a campaigner for the popular crowd. What verifies the position of being apart of the & # 8220 ; in & # 8221 ; crowd is being a member of the cheerleading squad and by virtually dressing the same as Brooke McQueen. Every miss in the popular crowd strives to be the equivalent of Brooke. She seems to hold mastered the art of being popular, beautiful and smart so easy, that she gives her equals a ground to believe that being able to carry through all of these features is of an easy undertaking. For this ground, she is the perfect representation of the & # 8220 ; in & # 8221 ; crowd. Although she seems to be a sweet and sort individual, Brooke & # 8217 ; s attitude towards Sam and her friends show merely the opposite. Brooke hates the fact that Sam tries whatever it takes to take down the base that Brooke and her cohorts believe they stand upon. This is why Brooke seems to demo a rival attitude towards Sam. Unlike Brooke & # 8217 ; s rare happenings of being seen moving chesty, her friends are seen reminding others that merely those of the popular crowd may rest upon the base of which they stand, by roasting anyone that is non of the same societal position of their ain. They all speak really lowly of anyone that is non of their position. They merely look out for their ain sort, and merely care about what is best for them. They want to do certain that those who are non of their crowd know that they will ne’er be able to derive such a high position.

The members of the popular crowd are non the lone people that strive to be the equivalent of Brooke. Any pupil go toing Kennedy High School would love to be parallel to Brooke. The lone difference between the pupils is in the manner that they attempt to carry through this. There are those that remind Brooke and her friends of how much people want to be like them, by the manner that they act towards the group. They are seen moving in a mode that shows they some how believe that if they are nice plenty to those more popular than they are, they excessively can be accepted into a higher societal position. This type of behavior is precisely what girl such as Sam dispise. Sam believes that the lone manner for people like her to go equal to the popular crowd is by interrupting the fanciful boundary between the & # 8220 ; in & # 8221 ; crowd and those that are non in the & # 8220 ; in & # 8221 ; crowd. To make this, Sam thinks that those in the popular crowd must be given the type of intervention that will convey them down on the popularity graduated table. If this entails demoing others the chesty and average side of the popular crowd, than she will make whatever it takes in any state of affairs to convey out their true individuality. Sam is a representation of those seen as ordinary teenage misss. She has dark hair, merely as her friends do, and dresses in apparels that she wants to have on, alternatively of have oning whatever those around her bash. Unlike her friends who merely talk about their feelings of the popular group, Sam really takes action on her feelings about the manner that the & # 8220 ; in & # 8221 ; crowd is treated. This is why Sam and no other character from her crowd can be the primary representation of Thursday

e “not-so-popular” crowd.

The episode & # 8220 ; Truth or Consequences & # 8221 ; is a perfect illustration of how Sam tries to convey down the image of what others think about the & # 8220 ; popular & # 8221 ; crowd. Sam is able to enter a conversation she overhears of some of Brooke & # 8217 ; s shut friends speaking about the fact that the lone manner those in the popular crowd were the lone 1s that passed the test was by stealing the existent trial before the midterm. Sam thinks that this type of behaviour is obscene and should be dealt with consequently so that the curve on the trial would really be just to those who did non darnel. Bing the lead journalist of the school newspaper is merely the border she needs to carry through her end. Sam writes an article dwelling a description of those who cheated, which besides happens to be an exact description of anyone in her biological science category that is considered popular.

While at tiffin, Sam is overheard by Brooke & # 8217 ; s friends speaking about the article. The lone job with this is that Brooke & # 8217 ; s friends didn & # 8217 ; t think that this was right because for one thing, they would acquire into problem, and they didn & # 8217 ; t think that it was just that Brooke would be accused of rip offing sing she did non take up the offer of having a transcript of the midterm. Brooke & # 8217 ; s friends tell her about the article, and how she excessively would be accused of cheating, because like her friends in the category, she fits the description given of the deceivers.

Sam runs into her weeping in the bathroom. She pleads to Sam non to run the article, and Sam agrees non to every bit long as she admits to rip offing on the test, and admits that she is non everything that people think about her. Brooke agrees, and admits that while everyone was at tiffin before the test, she stole the transcript of the midterm out of her friend & # 8217 ; s cabinet and memorized it. She so goes on to state Sam about all of the jobs that had been traveling on at place and how she had been so stressed about seeking to maintain up with all of the outlooks of those around her. She new the lone manner to maintain her image of being everything that her parents wanted her to be was to steal the transcript of the test and memorise it. Sam tells Brooke that she is non traveling to run the article because she does non desire to add to Brooke & # 8217 ; s wretchedness. Brooke so tells Sam that she was incorrect about her and she apologizes to her. Sam so decides to goes to the publishing imperativeness to seek to acquire the templets for the newspaper back so that she can take the cheating narrative. The adult male at that place informs her that Mr. Grant, who is in charge of the newspaper being printed, told him to run the paper early and that she is excessively late. The paper ends up being printed with the rip offing narrative still in it and Brooke becomes enraged at Sam because she thinks that Sam did non seek to acquire the narrative out of the paper at all.

With the effects of no 1 coming frontward being a new and harder test taken by the whole category, the Biology instructors asks that the guilty party semen frontward. Just as Sam thinks Brooke is traveling to acknowledge to rip offing, Brooke & # 8217 ; s friend that really stole the test in the first topographic point comes frontward and admits that she is the 1 that cheated and will confront the effects of her actions. The episodes concludes with a nutrient battle interrupting out during tiffin, with Sam and Brooke being the cause of it all.

The quandary involved in this peculiar episode of & # 8220 ; Popular & # 8221 ; is a contemplation of mundane societal struggles between the upper and lower category. Just like Sam, the lower category strives for equality, and resents the fact that those on the higher societal graduated table receive particular intervention. We see illustrations of how those in the higher societal position look out for their ain through the manner that Brooke & # 8217 ; s friend steps up and takes the incrimination, so that Brooke does non hold to be humiliated, and lose her image that everyone else has of her. Everyday state of affairss are condensed into this episode and are dealt with in such a manner that by stoping the show with a nutrient battle, it becomes comedic and natural to laugh the job off. By deciding the job in this manner, the telecasting show gives a psychotic belief of how world may really be able to work that manner. Even if world does non turn out to be like this, the telecasting show allows viewing audiences to more easy force away really serious jobs into the dorsum of their head, and bury about them, at least for the 30 proceedingss that they are watching the show. It besides gives us a sense of hope that our mundane jobs can really be able to be worked out in world, merely as it has in the telecasting show. By express joying at the struggle in the show, the force per unit areas of the spectator & # 8217 ; s jobs are lessened, and do it look less serious of a job.