Social Control Theory Essay

Akin to the labeling theory. the societal control theory besides holds society responsible for the outgrowth of aberrance. But alternatively of reasoning that aberrance is a consequence of labels imposed by society. the societal control theory asserts that people resort to error because of the absence or societal bonds or socialisation procedures that are supposed to advance observant behavior. Simply put. some people commit aberrant behaviours because they were non educated sing social norms. Juvenile delinquents. for case. may be dismissed as the merchandise of dysfunctional households ( Jensen. 2003 ) .

Human existences by nature are active and flexible beings who engage in a broad assortment of activities. The scope of the activities that they join in. nevertheless. is bit by bit limited by the procedures of socialisation and societal acquisition. Therefore. when people are guilty of aberrance. it purportedly goes to demo that they did non undergo these developments. Society. in bend. is to fault – it did non transport out its responsibility of pointing its members sing proper and improper behaviour ( Jensen. 2003 ) . The societal control theory besides believes that there are legion motivations behind aberrant behaviour.

Boosters. for case. bargain for different grounds. such as poorness. protesting against corporate greed and the sheer bang and exhilaration of being able to acquire away with larceny. But the societal control theory does non concentrate much on the grounds for aberrance. Whatever the grounds. aberrance is a mark of the failure of the ability of societal establishments to implement social norms ( Jensen. 2003 ) . Criminologist Jackson Toby ( 1957 ) used the societal control theory in his survey of juvenile delinquency. He argued that immature people who resort to offense are those who have “few bets or investings in conformity” ( Jensen. 2003 ) .

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Toby used this phrase to mention to young persons who came from broken households. dropped out of school and or abused drugs or intoxicant. Because of their societal and economic backgrounds. they do non hold opportunities for promotion. Hence. they do non see any ground to conform and merely resort to aberrance alternatively. Conclusion The labeling theory and the societal control theory are two accounts behind the construct of aberrance. Both blasted society for aberrant people and behaviour. However. both theories neglected the fact that persons can non maintain on faulting society for their bad lucks.

At the terminal of the twenty-four hours. it is still the person who will make up one’s mind and move upon what he or she wants to make with his or her life.


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