Soccer Essay

In soccer there are many important skills that you need to be successful in soccer.

One of the most important skills you need is the ability to dribble the ball. This skill is one off the most important because if you don’t have dribbling skills you can’t take the ball down the field. Without being able to bring the ball down the field you can’t score therefore you can’t win. Another very important skill is having good touch.Having good touch means being able to pass the ball or shoot the ball when needed. You need to have good touch or else one you can’t score or two you can’t pass.

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Lastly the third skill needed in being successful in soccer is not being scared of the ball. This might not be a skill but not being scared of the ball is essential in the playing of soccer. This is essential because if your scare of the ball you won’t do things like head the ball during a cross or try to block a goal if you’re the goalie.All these skills are very important in becoming successful in soccer because they are the building blocks of a good soccer player. Soccer is a very popular sport here in the United States. This is because it is a sport played around the world. The majority of people like to watch games from leagues like the Premier League.

There many students at Rockville who talk about the last Madrid or Barcelona game. The only thing is that the popular teams aren’t actually from the United States but from other teams from other countries.But this is because now the people have higher standards in skill level and the playing of the game. I do foresee myself playing soccer in the future. I am going to try out for the soccer team again next year. I feel that I have enough ability to play for Rockville.

Also I play in my outside league and I do not believe I will be quitting that team anytime soon. Now in the future as an adult I don’t plan on playing soccer because of the fact that I do not take the soccer as seriously as others.


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