So tail on the psychology ofhumans, it

So far within my past experiences on understanding the generalpsychology of people, it is just a mess of nonsensical gibberish. Take anexample of people making their ultimate career choices. When people searchfor their best fit of their career, they analyze many aspects of every job thatthey can get their hands on, such as annual income, employment rates, theirqualifications towards applying for their job, life expectancy of that job, andmany more. After they have rigorously calculated the best utopic job that theycould ever hope for, they take a step back and say something like, “Come tothink about my situation, although I spent my entire life to become a doctor,which is a profession that would feed me and my kin’s fat bellies until I kickthe bucket, I think it is best for me to just become a musician, a job that willgive me malnutrition, AIDs, and a shorter lifespan”. The reason for theirdecisions is relatively simple: “It just feels right for me, that’s all”, they all sayin unison. On an attempt to choose the most logistically fit decision, peopleultimately decide on the most illogical option with some reasoning of what is alogistical enigma. Therefore, isn’t it safe to say that the core reasoning of thepsychology of man is too random to be conveyed through a quantifiedmedium?Name: Brian KimGrade: 10Class: Art 10Date: December 14th, 2017Art Title: SunsetArtist: Kim ChoonsDimension: 103.3×193.

9cmYear: 2017Medium: Oil paint on canvasExhibition: Seongnam Art CenterAlthough Logic itself cannot make head to tail on the psychology ofhumans, it is through the aspect of emotion where the inexplicable can beexplained. I believe that man’s psychology is a product of context and emotioncombined. The definition of context would depict any type of physiology that aperson had once experienced through their senses. These might includevisual images, music, the texture of fur, smell of food, and more. Thedefinition of emotion would depict the person’s reaction towards the contextthat they are thinking of. Emotion might morph into feelings, such as anger,sadness, happiness, or exhilaration.

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The combining of context and emotioncreates a new kind of context. With the combination of emotions that followwith the new context, a continued cycle is repeated where new context isformed every moment of thought. These chain reactions of thought are whatdefine a person’s psychology, or one’s thought process about a certain topic.Therefore, if one can introduce the context and influence the preferredemotion to the audience, one can successfully express his or her’s messageto the audience about a certain topic. I believe that visual art is a primeexample that does this. Through introducing the concept as anunderstandable image and influencing a preferred emotion through thedepiction of that image, the audience can understand the artist’s thoughtprocess and opinion about a certain topic.

The thoughts expressed thus far are the ones that I have definedmyself through looking at Kim Choons’ painting: Sunset. The painting isName: Brian KimGrade: 10Class: Art 10Date: December 14th, 2017Art Title: SunsetArtist: Kim ChoonsDimension: 103.3×193.

9cmYear: 2017Medium: Oil paint on canvasExhibition: Seongnam Art Centerexpressed in the medium of oil on canvas and the dimensions are 103 to 194centimeters in portrait orientation. The painting was released in the year of2017 and is exhibited in Seongnam Art Center. By describing my thoughtsabout Kim Choon’s sunset, not only will I appraise the painting itself but alsoprove my claim that a person’s psychology can be expressed through solelyintroducing context and emotion.Sunset illustrates an image of an ordinary district in Seongnam,introducing the context of scenery.

For a boy who had lived in the suburbssince the dawn of arrival in this world, it is a sight that makes me feelcomfortable and soothing. The image contains detailed lighting by addingrealistic tones of lantern lights and metallic reflections on the surface of cars.Also, the depictions of electric wires on the streets of town produce a realisticimage of the city of Seongnam. At this point, I inferred that the artist may havewanted to introduce the emotion of serenity, an ironic mood that can beexpressed on the subject of an urban core. As I looked closer at the painting, Inoticed that the artist did not illustrate any people in the image.

Did the artistwanted to express the emotion of solitude, the crude nature of capitalism?However, my state of emotion did not favored anything negative inconnotation. What stood up to be most definite was the emotion of serenity.The artist used the medium of oil paint. The reason why I adore oil paintingsare that oil color creates a very unique texture to its images, generating astrong emphasis of color and depth at the same time. I saw many oil paintingsName: Brian KimGrade: 10Class: Art 10Date: December 14th, 2017Art Title: SunsetArtist: Kim ChoonsDimension: 103.

3×193.9cmYear: 2017Medium: Oil paint on canvasExhibition: Seongnam Art Centerwhere huge brush strokes were used to depict a major part of an image,depicting the context as in terms of that of a mosaic. However, I noticed thatKim Choons had used minor brush strokes to create a smooth texture on hisimage.

This smooth texture did not give any strong feelings of emotion.Moreover, the texture also contributed to the smooth blending with light ofdifferent colors, creating a soft gradient that was pleasing to the eye. Thetexture of this painting had thus contributed to the cumulative effect to thetheme of serenity. This observation made me conclude that the reason for theartist to not include people in his painting was to emphasize the maintenanceof peace, as there was no one to disturb the brief moment of leisure. Whatalso intrigued me was that this painting is illustrated through drawing a directcontrast of colors. The red and white paint contrasts with the dark backgroundto create light, reflection, and even shade. What was surprising was that thebalance of color was even throughout despite the high contrast.

Rather, thecontrast further illustrated the scenery as to be that on a quiet night. Thehighlight of the painting would be the depiction of the sunset and how it affectsthe mood of the whole artwork overall. The image of a sunset most closelyrefers to the end of another day and the beginning of a brief period of rest.The crimson red sky and the dark town of Seongnam give a direct contrast tothe whole painting in a positive manner. The colorful sky set a highlightingtone on a rather dark shaded city, creating warmth to the whole painting.Without the sunset, the painting would have implied a very different type ofName: Brian KimGrade: 10Class: Art 10Date: December 14th, 2017Art Title: SunsetArtist: Kim ChoonsDimension: 103.

3×193.9cmYear: 2017Medium: Oil paint on canvasExhibition: Seongnam Art Centeremotion with a more negative connotation. However, the illustration of thesunset illuminating the whole sky clearly depicts the theme of serenity andpeace to the whole painting.

Kim Choons’ Sunset had thus introduced the context of scenery as thetopic for the audience to notice. Then, through the use of minor brush strokes,smooth texture, evenly balanced contrast, and the depiction of light usingwarm colors, Choons was able to imply the emotion of serenity and peacetowards his depiction. This created a new perspective about the context of acity for me. I had embraced the fact that a city was always bustling and wasthe place of hubbub. Through Choons’ illustrations, I was enlightened that acity has its own unique color of serenity and peace. To further elaborate in thiscontext, I was inspired by the fact that a common scenery can becomprehended differently by the eyes of others.

Through my future work ofart, I am encouraged to observe objects and visuals that people seeeveryday, and illustrate that subject through the eyes of mine. I am lookingforward that some people might be inspired by my drawings, as they mightalso realize how perspective changes the comprehension of a commonsubject. To conclude my proof, Kim Choons’ Sunset had provided me adifferent perspective on the scenery of a city that I see everyday.

Therefore,Kim Choons’ thought process about the topic of city was conveyed throughhis visual painting.Name: Brian KimGrade: 10Class: Art 10Date: December 14th, 2017Art Title: SunsetArtist: Kim ChoonsDimension: 103.3×193.9cmYear: 2017Medium: Oil paint on canvasExhibition: Seongnam Art CenterExpressing a whole thought process into a concise representation is aseemingly difficult task. To convey every pixel of one’s thoughts into onepresentation is an impossibility, as it is the same as teaching a child about theessence of life by whispering one word of advice.

However, isn’t this whatmankind has always strived to make the deed possible? For centuries, manhas led their search in methods to express their deepest part of thought andreasoning to others. Out of all methods of expression, perhaps visual artconveys the most thought process to the audience with just one single frameof an image. By just looking at someone’s painting and mesmerizing thedetails, the fact that you are exposed to the artist’s perspective of thought iswhat brings the most power to visual art than any medium of expression.Therefore, can the core reasoning of the psychology of man be conclusive,and conveyed in a quantified medium? I would say yes, thanks to visual art.


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