Smartphones etc, how about collecting responses directly

Smartphones are easily the most effective modes to get in touch with your target audience. As per a recent study, 51.2% of all internet usage is now done from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is indeed for the first time since the invention of the internet in the late 1990’s, that mobile devices have taken over desktops in internet usage. In fact, going by these statistics, there is now a greater possibility that you are reading this on a mobile device, than a desktop. But what does this mean for online surveys and market research? Does this alter the conventional panel based studies?Yes it does!The advantages provided by mobile devices over typical desktops and laptops is well known – it’s the same reason why organizations around the World have been scrambling to get their own mobile apps out and into the phone of their customers or potential consumers.

So, when it comes to panel research studies for market analysis, consumer feedback etc, how about collecting responses directly from your respondent’s mobile?This is where the idea of mobile diaries makes panel research so much more exciting, insightful and effective!Mobile diary studies gives researchers a platform to access the private aspects of the respondent which they usually wouldn’t be able to capture via focus groups or interviews.What is Mobile Diaries?Mobile Diaries is a private portal that offers researchers a medium to connect with all the participants to capture data and insights to assess actions, activities, timing of events, habits, behaviors and emotions without being nosy.This can be used specifically with a small group of people that are pre-recruited to be a part of a longitudinal study. This bunch of people is recruited from the existing online survey panel and are instructed on the scope and requirement of a mobile diary. The respondents can upload videos, images and in the process give you a sneak-peak into their day-to-day activity with a product.How does Mobile Diaries work?Once the participants are pre-recruited from the online survey panel, they’re intimidated about the what, when, how, and frequency of participation.The researcher will then review the data responded by the participants.After reviewing the data, further communication with participants is done by posting brief questions, follow up questions or exploring further on a the task/activity in hand.

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How can Participants and Researchers benefit from Mobile Diaries?ParticipantResearcherSelf-report by providing their own information over a period of time.See personal and private aspect that they would not be able to capture from a traditional focus group or interviews.Allows for self reflection and possible change.Discover additional context from an individual or group.Create and share in the richness of their lives.Identify areas of focus, opportunity and unmet needs.

Capture moment in real time.Gauge reactions.Document actions, behaviors and emotions.

Tell a story with qualitative data.Deeper immersion into the lives of participants.Why should you use Mobile Diaries?You don’t need to post, print or distribute surveys and thus, save time and money.Get a personalized element by getting in touch with respondent’s thoughts about some moments and experiences. Boring survey questions can be conveniently converted into fun activities for research.

Conduct insightful analysis by reviewing, moderating and digging deep into the received responses.In the moment feedback can be obtained in the form of videos, pictures and activities. With QuestionPro Communities, you can get access to an online survey panel that can be used to send mobile surveys. This panel is a highly qualified niche panel that you could select on the basis of your requirement and that could help you in the best possible manner in improving your brand. Purchase an audience that you can send out the questions or the interviews for your mobile diary.


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