Smartphone users will cause addiction to this kind of ‘stuff’ Essay

Yeah, smart phone can let us have more interaction with friends and others. But,Clinical psychologist sherlyn sellior said that “ Smartphone users will cause addiction to this kind of ‘stuff’ when overuse smartphone, and problems of their relationship between friends and partners will break out. ’ Although there are many advantages of using smartphone, there also are some negative effects to our face to face communication, just like these four points, lead to misunderstanding, Cannot connect a deeper level, Interruptions become more frequent and unrespectable.First, I will talk about lead to misunderstanding. Do you know what these words mean. TY, it means thank you. Next, NP, it means no problem! Next, how about WTF, Welcome to facebook.

I believe all of you have use these abbreviations words in Facebook or Whatsapp through your smartphone or use it in our daily life, we may think that it was fast and convenient, but it will lead to misunderstanding. There are some disadvantages by using these abbreviation words. First, lost its power and meaning.Just like this acronym ‘182’, it means I hate you, but when I first time saw this acronym’ 182’, I don’t know what it mean, but when I know that , I think ‘I hate you’ have greater vebal and more meaningful than ‘182’. Second, convene less emotion or feeling. Some kinds of words have much emotion and word abbreviation will less its emotion and feeling, like ‘IMY’ , it means I miss you. So I think we say I miss you can have greater vocal and meaning than say ‘IMY’.

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So,It may cause problems or agrue between your friends or others. Lastly, it impaired the natural process of communication. Before now, we won’t use this abbreviation words.

But nowadays, new technology bring people these kinds of word will impaired the natural process of communication. People communicate become meaningless, the listener may confused and misunderstanding, and it cause a bad face to face communication. Then, Kaiser will talk about other negative effets.


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