Smartphone use. in Smartphone many applications that

Smartphone are phones withunlimited communication and information technology services and Smart phoneshave bring  out of massive change in thelives of people,  Today the people in thepresent day find things much easier and perceive things based on technology. smartphone are very popular among young people because the application which offerto the user. people enjoy a lot of benefits in various forms of their dailywork.

they also get things done in quick time in an efficient manner. there forwe can use Smartphone to do anything. But too often using Smartphone will berisky in everyday life so that can negative impact with his own life byignoring the relationship between fellow human beings, due to frequent use oftheir Smartphone in the people  aroundthem. there are some types negative impact use to Smartphone in  our life.first, commonly, smart phones aresomething fun to use. in Smartphone many applications that can be utilizedeither for as a sources of learning and used for other games, going back homethe other side of the smart phones also has a bad effect on health.

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because  the habit of using smart phones that people forgetthe time and circumstances around it, as will feel the time to eat and bedtime.besides the excessive use for smart phones also can make monophobi disease thatyou make anxious and keep want to know your smart phones continuously also makeyou can not far from ponsel.Second, negative impact for use smartphones is    the uses of smart phones,making people addicted when using those people to forget the time,  and Smartphone’s light to focus to a pointand the smart phones light to focus to a point   and thesmart phones screen tends to give light that resulted in disrupting humanhormones to sleepThird, Too much use smart phonesmay lead to a lack of interaction between individuals and harm to human relationships.Although originally developed to help people stay integrated and connected,they instead release people form society and relationships because of theiraddictive nature.Finally, Addition to smart phonesuse negatively impacts user’s family life and couses problems with humanrelationships, as addicts tend to pay more attention to their phones to theirphones than the people around them, so that the communication time becomes lessand will result in the result in the relationship between family becomes notharmonious.


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