Small Business and Secret Acres Essay

What steps might Matthews and Avelino take to make demand for their books? How must a little concern like Secret Acres balance supply with demand?

In order for Matthews and Avelino to assist make a demand for their books. one must acquire into the mentality that demand is driven by monetary value ; therefore they may desire to diminish or seek to maintain the monetary value of their books lower than that of their rivals in order to increase the demand of their books and/or services. In order to diminish or maintain their monetary values competitively low. they must believe about their supplies. In providing. the more books that they print. the lower the monetary value they can acquire. However. since Secret Acres is a little concern with really limited ability. they can merely make the demand with heavy monetary value in a really limited graduated table.

They can nevertheless. make a demand for their books in a new manner. by linking their books to certain types of Web sites such as Amazon. com or Ebay. com. in order to assist increase the popularity and/or demand for their books. or to assist act upon client penchants in order to make a new demand. A little and approaching concern like Secret Acres must carefully equilibrate their supply with demand. The fiscal and selling ability of any little concern is really limited as they are get downing up. Any incorrect determinations might be a lifelessly work stoppage to it. Therefore. by Secret Estates equilibrating their supply with demand to proximally near the equilibrium monetary value is the key for this little concern to be able to last and be competitory in the market.

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How might Secret Estates make the most of an economic system that is retrieving easy? What advantages and disadvantages might the house have over a big publication company?

Small concern such as Secret Estates with limited resources must frequently hold to fight to come in new competitory markets which besides may include the possibility of covering with international competition every bit good. However. I think that the advantages for a little concern like Secret Acres over a big publication company seem to outweigh the disadvantages somewhat to include such as the followers.

The ability to hold more personal relationships with its clients and employees
Simplified Record Keeping
Ability to accommodate to alter

Enjoying the advantages of exclusive proprietary ( Bing your ain foreman. being able to maintain all the net incomes. the easiness and low cost of traveling into concern or possibly out of concern. the ability to maintain some concern information secret ) . if you are the exclusive proprietor of a little concern. you truly don’t have to describe to anyone as you would in a large concern.

Hazard of Failure
Limited possible and
The limited ability to raise capital

How would you categorise the competition that Secret Acres faces? I would categorise Secret Acres as an monopolistic competition because of the simple fact that even though Secret Acres has many rivals. each concern either offers somewhat different merchandise. or some uniqueness to its concern. nevertheless. all concern are viing for the same consumers in the terminal.

Do you believe Secret Acres should prosecute on-line distribution through e-readers and other bringing systems? Why or Why non? I perfectly do believe that Secret Acres should prosecute on-line distribution through e-readers and other avenues via the cyberspace or World Wide Web. In today’s economic system and market. concerns whether it is new and get downing up or one that has already been established for some clip are ever confronting alterations and challenges when it comes to lasting in today’s concern times. One of the most common economic challenges that any concern in the twenty-first century would confront would be the changeless outgrowth of new engineering like the iPad. iPhone ( or any smartphone ) and e-book ( inflame or nook ) .

A concern demands to hold the ability to accommodate to the changeless alterations in today’s engineering and be able to happen a manner to last as a concern. Traditional publication concerns are easy and bit by bit being taken over by electronic reading as the manner people now are reading ( weather it is the newspaper. text editions. or a good novel ) . The development of online shopping to assorted web sites such as Amazon. Barnes & A ; Noble. E-bay has or is going the chief manner of shopping. making a new online market country. thereby. these alterations have created the new sorts of demand for merchandise with a great potency.

As a concern. Secret Estates needs to actuate to catch and use this chance in order to spread out their net income capableness and potency. If Secret Acres does non set to the new challenges that are among them and continuously make the demand of their books in assorted ways. so I don’t think they will be able to last as a concern in this continuously quickly altering market.


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