Slave Essay Research Paper Hi my name

Slave Essay, Research PaperHi, my name is Patrick Neuvo.

I am 21 old ages old. I live on a plantation with 15 other slaves. Five of them are 10 and under. 3 of them are teens, and the other 8 are grownups. The plantation is west of the Mississippi River. The plantation proprietor is really rich. He has two boies and one girl.

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His girl is the youngest. She is 4 old ages old. His oldest boy is 15 and his youngest boy is 12. I have three cousins on the farm with me. My oldest cousin is 24 and female. My 2nd oldest cousin is 20 and is male. My youngest cousin is 18 old ages old and is male. Sadly my female parent past off last twelvemonth in the cotton Fieldss.

The physicians said she was to over heated and past out. They say she died from exaughstion and that her bosom stopped. I have non my pa since I was 13 old ages old. His name is Hakeem Neuvo. Last I heard of him he was over at Magnolia Mounds on the other side of the river. I do non cognize where any of my other household is.Mr. Dunnigin, my maestro is really nice to all the other slaves and me.

He gives us linen apparels to have on and a little cabin outside. Over the five old ages I have been here my maestro has made five regulations that every slave must follow. The first jurisprudence made was we are non allowed out after dark.

This is so that we would non seek to mouse off, because three old ages ago my friend Lawrence tried to get away at dark and they caught him. The 2nd jurisprudence they made was that we are non allowed to be in groups of three or more. Reason being that my maestro does non desire us to arise or pass on with one another while we work at all. The following jurisprudence that they made was that we could non hold any arm of any kind. This includes knives, guns, blades, and any sort of crisp object. The 4th jurisprudence that they made was that we are non allowed of the belongings without a written base on balls or singed note by our maestro.

Normally the lone yearss weare allowed to go forth are on some Sundays and on Christmas. The last jurisprudence that they made was that we are prohibited to larn to read and compose. This is because they do non desire us to go smart and be able to pass on with each other. Besides they do non believe that we should be smart. All the Whites think that we are all supposed to be dense and that inkinesss do non necessitate an instruction.Every twenty-four hours is merely about the same as any other twenty-four hours.

I wake up at 6:00 A.M and eat our Indian meal pulp on trough home bases. After eating we brake into our groups and get down working.

The kids nevertheless play games such with blocks and dolls. My first job of the twenty-four hours is to pick cotton. I hate picking cotton it hurts my fingers so severely to be pricked by the terminal of it. We stay at that place for an hr or two so head off to our following job.

My 2nd job of the twenty-four hours would be to pick maize. To pick maize we use woven baskets of wood to put them in. This is likely my easiest job of them all except for the heat though.

At 12:00 P.M we all get to take a half an hr remainder. All we do is happen a tree and sit down under the shadiness and remainder. This is my most favourite clip of the twenty-four hours. This is our lone remainder of the twenty-four hours.

After the remainder I slaughter hogs for the maestro to eat subsequently on in the hebdomad. I hate this job a batch because of all the blood. I can non take it at all. My last job of the twenty-four hours would be traveling into the rice field and garner up the rice.

This is pretty easy because the Sun is low and it gets ice chest. Finally at 7:00 P.M we are finished for the twenty-four hours. This is the clip where we sing vocals, drama games, and eat our Indian meal.One twenty-four hours I hope that the Whites would accept us for our colour and non merely believe that because we are black we are different on the interior. We have feelings excessively.

I hope that one twenty-four hours that we can acquire along and that we stop making jobs for them and we live equal to one another.


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