SKIPPING- easily handled but still why ??

SKIPPING- AN AWAKENESSAwareness is a term which everybody is familiar with.

It just meansto make you aware but this awareness can take different forms which are unawareto the public . Awareness can be an AWAKENESS for the people’s mind to thinkoutside the box, or to think and act according to what he wants instead ofcontrolling ones act or thought according to others perspective and the bigsystem called SOCIETY.These terms are very more familiar with the Indians as wehear it on an hourly basis. Every children is brought up with the mind-set to “not do anything which the society thinks to be weird and throw you out to acategory of madness, irresponsible, disobedient people and much more” and thesociety acts as the Virtual Emperor . This mind-set is what we have to be awareand treatments has to be taken to get out of this vicious cycle.

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Let me make my point even clearer. Skipping as you all know is thebest exercise one can even try upon and there are a minority of people who hateit or can’t do it physically but still we see only a few people who actually doskipping. It is affordable, cheap, easily accessible, can be done anywhere,anytime, can be easily handled but still why ??The answer is here, the society’s perspective . People can skip andwant to but they think about from the societies perspective and decide to notto do it. Let’s say a fifty years old man, who loves to skip, buys one andstarts skipping in his garden outside his home, Neighbours will look at him ina very pity way which says ” whom do you want to impress at this age”, ” whyare you showing off”, ” what are you going to do with this” etc.

, a lot ofconfusing and non- appealing looks and questions which forced the young man tostart skipping inside his house .after two days of it going well, the third day, his family will start questioning as to “why are you doing this madness”,”stop playing in the house”, “you have grown old, take rest”,etc. which leadthe man to actually end up in quitting his skipping and doing nothing. This iswhat the scenario of every household. The will power and passion is suppressedby the society and the people’s perspective. This is what which requires thechange in the first instance. If the old man was able to spread his idea andknowledge about skipping and continued to skip , with not giving an ear toNeighbours then he would have made a change in the society and more peoplewould have joined him but he couldn’t overcome that societies pressure or if hecould convince his family members, there would have been a scenario where allthe members could together do skipping and had some more family time we’llspend. It’s a the perspective.

Now more or less we are eventually getting used to these that  we even forgets what  we actually wants in  life and even had  started planning our life according to whatsociety demands us to, this knowingly or unknowingly getting into the shell orthe cycle of life which includes get a job which pay you well,have a family,raise your children’s by looking at what the neighborhood is doing or inbuildyour unfulfilled dreams through your offsprings where they have completely noidea about what they are doing and why they are going and a lot of more crazything it is never ending .it is more or less like a vicious cycle.Yes,You are the change.

As Bharak Obama had said in one of hisfamous speeches ” YES, WE CAN”. Yes , we are the change and yes we can make thechange. It will be a great achievement if we can include one more person whothinks and believes like you .

Let’s make the changeAnd be an inspiration andguidance for the younger generation and be a model for them to follow .It is myresponsibility to take the initiative to make a change and I am now a part ofthe CHANGE which I was talking about .I conclude it by reminding you that everystep, is as important as the goal is .so even the smallest step we take, weshould not be ashamed, pulled back as we are a part of better tomorrow.


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