Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Six Flags Of Ohio Essay Research Paper

Six Flags Of Ohio Essay Research Paper

Six Flags Of Ohio Essay, Research PaperAfter my address, the category will be informed about the new subject park to hit Ohio, the new Six Flags of Ohio.I. IntroductionBefore this twelvemonth there were presently 26 Parkss that are in the Six Flags household subject park. This twelvemonth they are adding a new 1 that is non far from your ain backyard.

II. Throughout this address I will discourse the new add-ons, and the calendar to the new Six Flags of Ohio.A. What & # 8217 ; s new at Six Flags of Ohio ( www.sixflags.com )1.

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Six Flags bought out Geauga Lake at the terminal of the 1999 season. ( Dyer, Stephen )2. Batman Knight Flight- a floorless megacoaster3. Superman Ultimate Escape- a & # 8220 ; U & # 8221 ; shaped LIM coaster4. The Villain- a wooden coaster5.

Shipwreck Falls- a plummeting boat drive6. Roadrunner Express- a household roller coaster7. Hurricane Harbor- a new H2O park8. Batman Stunt Show- a madcap show9. Looney Tunes Boomtown- a childs country with a Looney Tunes subject.B.

The 2000 calendar ( the Sixs Flags of Ohio Brochure )1. Review The calendar on the dorsum of the booklet2. Explain the times of the Parkss operation3.

Ticket Monetary values4. Indicate out the waies5. Topographic points to stay- Six Flags Woodlands Hotel, Silverhorn bivouacing resortC. Particular Events ( www.sixflags.

com )1. Physicss Day2. Outdoor Classroom Day3. Grad Extreme Weekend4. Christian Youth Day5. Gospel Day6. 2nd Annual Home School Day7. Old World Oktoberfest8.

Girl Scout Day9. Boy Scout Day10. Fright FestIII. DecisionI hope that this address has informed you of the New Six Flags Ohio. Throughout this address I have informed you of the new reachings, the 2000 calendar, and besides the particular events.

I hope you will at least see sing the new Six Flags of Ohio.Rehearsal Timings: 7min 28sec, 8min 35sec, 7min 11secDyer, Stephen. & # 8220 ; Big Splash in Geauga Lake & # 8221 ; .

19 December, 1999. Akron Beacon Journalwww.sixflags.com/ohio. & # 8220 ; What & # 8217 ; s New at Six Flags Ohio & # 8221 ; .

4 January, 2000.Sixs Flags of Ohio Brochure.