Sir Thomas More Essay Research Paper Thomas

Sir Thomas More Essay, Research PaperThomas MoreIn life, belief can be a really powerful thing, powerful plenty to impact major picks. Believing is holding faith in an thought, individual, thing or faith. In Robert Bolt & # 8217 ; s A Man for All Seasons, Sir Thomas More made many of import picks the were affected by a belief in the spiritual theory that the Pope is the & # 8220 ; Vicar of God & # 8221 ; ( the descendent of St. Peter, and our lone nexus to Christ.

) Throughout Mores full life he chose to be loyal this belief, even thought it cost him his life in 1535. More chose to travel against the King & # 8217 ; s divorce of Catherine, and marry of Anne. He chose to non subscribe to oath for the act of Succession, and towards the terminal of the drama More was put to the ultimate trial in religion, take to travel against his belief or be executed.Sir Thomas More chose ever to be against the King divorce to Catherine of Aragon. He shows this when Cardinal Woolsey biddings him to go to a affair refering the & # 8220 ; Kings concern & # 8221 ; . In their meeting the subject of the Kings re-marriage is what the Cardinal wanted to speak to More approximately, When Woolsey says & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; that thing out there is at least fertile, Thomas & # 8221 ; . More shows that he is against the divorce by stating & # 8220 ; But she & # 8217 ; s non his married woman & # 8221 ; . More once more shows his beliefs that a dispensation was given so that Henry could get married Catherine and Thomas knows that the Pope will non give a dispensation on a dispensation.

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More believes that the Pope should do the determination about the divorce. And More chooses to travel against the divorce until the Catholic Pope is approached.Thomas More chooses non to subscribe the curse to the Act of Succession. When Thomas Cromwell asks him if he will subscribe the curse he refuses, because it & # 8217 ; s against his belief. When the Duke of Norfolk says & # 8220 ; Thomas, you insult the King and his council in the person of the Lord Archbishop” More merely replies “I abuse no 1. I will non take the curse.

I will non state you why I will not.” Thomas More had strong beliefs that posed a menace to him if he was non careful with his words. If does non give grounds for non subscribing the curse he can merely be put in gaol.

More knows the jurisprudence so good he will seek to get away the King and his evil Council’s wrath. More chooses to conceal in the “thickets of the law” and chooses to travel against the Act of Succession, but doesn’t tell us why until the terminal of the drama.In the decision of the drama because Thomas chose to travel against Kings divorce, he was put to test for lese majesty.

Sir Thomas More is still given opportunities to get away decease throughout the test, but chooses non to because of his strong spiritual beliefs. Cromwell asks & # 8220 ; Sir Thomas you stand upon your silence & # 8221 ; More replies & # 8220 ; I do & # 8221 ; to this. Richard Rich is used as convicting grounds against More, and he is found guilty. More realizes that there is nor his marbless or wisdom of the jurisprudence can assist him, the tribunal is grim to reprobate him.

And when he realizes he will certainly decease, he gives his grounds why he chose to travel against the King & # 8217 ; s divorce, the Act of Succession and the Act of Supremacy. Sir Thomas More showed true religion in his beliefs that were merely and honest, but unluckily had to pay with his life because of a volatile, evil and immoral King and council.Beliefs are highly powerful in the universe and on the pick made. Even if they are good beliefs they can still do problem. Sir Thomas More chose non to subscribe the curse to the Act of Succession or to be & # 8220 ; for & # 8221 ; the King & # 8217 ; s divorce of the Queen. He besides chose to decease instead than give up religion in his beliefs.

The quotation mark & # 8220 ; What matters to me is & # 8230 ; that I believe it & # 8221 ; demonstrates the religion More had in his beliefs in the picks above.


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