Sir Edmund Barton Essay Research Paper Sir

Sir Edmund Barton Essay, Research PaperSir, Edmund Barton ( 1849-1920 )Edmund Barton was born to his parents William and Mary Barton on the 18th of January 1849 in Glebe, Sydney, in New South Wales.Barton attended Sydney Grammar School and he won many scholarships. He studied jurisprudence at Sydney University and he received first category awards. He got a Masterss degree by the age of 21.

He practiced as a barrister in 1871.Edmund married a lady called Jean Mason Ross and had 2 girls and 4 boies.In 1879 Edmund Barton was voted into Legislative Assembly of New South Wales colonial Government. At the age of 33 ( 3rd of January, 1883 ) he became talker of legislative assembly ; he was the youngest talker to of all time on the legislative assembly. On the 31st of January 1887 Barton lost his place. After the loosing of his place he was voted into the Legislated council from the 2nd of February, 1887 to the 12th of June, 1891, he was besides in the Legislated council on the 8th of May 1897 to the 22nd of July 1898.

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Edmund Barton was an Attorney General on the 17th of January to the 7th of March 1889, besides on the 23rd of October 1891 to the 14th of December 1893. In 1889 he was besides the Queens advocate.In 1889, Sir Henry Parkes made a address at Tenterfield naming for a convention on federation.In 1891 Edmund was one of the constitutional commission members for the convention. Barton got the place for East-Sydney, and re-entered the assembly. Parkes Retired as Premier of New South Wales and Edmund Barton took over. Barton was both the leader and presidents of the constitutional commission at the 2nd federation convention held in 1897.Edmund Barton had some set dorsums along his was, some of these were Parkes unfavorable judgment towards Edmund and Parkes belief in free trade, where as Barton believed in Tariff protection.

R / & gt ;In 1899, Barton led a deputation to Britain to see the measure on federation passed by Westminster Parliament.Lord Hopetown offered Sir William Lyne, the premier an chance to go Prime Minister of Australia, even though most of the others saw Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin to be better for the occupation. Lyne Failed to organize a organic structure of curates who attend councils and portion duties for policy and disposal, so Barton was offered Prime Minister ship. Barton, member of House of Representatives, became the first Prime curate in 1901 at a jubilation of federation at Centennial Park. He was 52 old ages of age.

He besides became the Minster for External personal businesss on the same day of the month.Barton s cabinet met in Melbourne where they had their elections on the 29th of March 1901. They won merely 27 seats out of the sum of 75 seats. The Labour party ( subsequently changed to labour ) formed with Barton as their leader.In March 1901 Barton was elected as the Prime Minister.

In 1902 Women gained the right to vote.Barton traveled to England in 1902 for a colonial conference, which coincided with the enthronement of Edward VII. Barton became a knight Grand Cross of Saint Michael and Saint George.In Australia people were non happy with Barton s talk and no action.

Alfred Deakin was making most of all his work. Barton was acquiring ill and he collapsed in his room at the parliament house in August 1903.Sir Edmund Barton retired as Prime Minster and became a justice of the High Courts for the following 16 old ages. Alfred Deakin took over as Prime Minister.Sir Edmund Barton Died on January 7th 1920 of a bosom onslaught in Medlow bath in New South Wales at the age of 70.For the first clip a state for Continental and a continent for a state-Barton run mottoBy Nathan Holloway


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