Single vs. Relationship Essay

Commitment: for some this word brings joy and hope, for others it brings fear and despair. Some people live their life in a constant search for love.

Having this certain desire to fulfill by obtaining a relationship with someone else. Other people rather live their life single, without being tied down to another person. However, it is certain that being single or being in a relationship is entirely reliant on the type of person you are. When it comes to getting committed, it seems like more and more people don’t mind saying “No.

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It is said that, singles make up nearly half the adult population.This is mostly due to the fact that most single people prefer to live a carefree life. No commitments equals less stress, less problems, a happier life. Some people just want to live their own life and not have to worry about anyone else’s.

Not having to worry where the person may be, whom they are socializing with, or any decisions they make. People who are single have this ruthless self-sufficient quality. They like the feeling of being strong and supporting themselves.

So much so they may feel it demeaning to rely on someone else. For a fact there are people out there who don’t like the feeling of sharing or having to report to someone else. The sense of independence is far too great. Then on a completely different plane lie people who do feel strongly about relationships. Those people have this notion of essentially sharing everything in their life with this one other person.

They don’t mind being with each other constantly, same group of friends, or making choices based on what’s best for both of them.These people seem to be infatuated with that idea. The thought of having someone always there is very appealing. Single people like to go partying on weekends. People in relationships like to go on dates together. Single people only have to provide for themselves.

People in relationships must make financial sacrifices for one another. While single people have no one to tend to they may have full time jobs. People who are married may not want such time consuming jobs.

Single people are less emotional; they have less stress and no one to care for.People in relationships are always on an emotional roller coaster. However with this all said, when it comes down to it, some people like being single and some people like being in relationships. People are all built differently, with distinct wants and needs. Some want independence and others need another person with them.

You never really know what life has stored for you, but all you can simply do is be available for it. Whether it is alone or with someone, people’s feelings and preferences are completely their own ,digression.


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