Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Single Sex Schooling Essay

Single Sex Schooling Essay

Are single sex schools better than multi sex schools? This debate has been going around and around for years, and it is one that may never be fully resolved. Looking back on my own high school experiences I am grateful to have gone to a public school with both male and female students. The most exciting times in school are the times when I was with both my male and female friends. Many people agree that single sex schools create an unrealistic social environment, a horrible stereotype, and a lack of diversity.

Students who attend schools with single sex are being brought up in an unrealistic social environment. According to, the disadvantage of single sex schools by Helen Akers “Students become isolated from understanding and gaining exposure to other perspectives. ” Being in a single sex school does not allow the option for students to get to know the other sex and how they are to respond to each other. Pupils who do not learn how opposite sex acts can develop gender-centric viewpoints, meaning, that they only think that they can do a certain thing because they are male or female.

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Having gender-centric viewpoints may lead to gender stereotypes for both males and females. In addition to the stereotypes single -gender schools have also been seen as being unconstitutional. Single sex schooling can be compared to separations of race in educations. In an article of a girl who went to a single-sex school she writes about why, although she went to one, she does not support them. Piper said: “We know that segregating by race was one of the worst mistakes of our cultural and educational history.

With a growing number of publicly-funded single-sex classrooms and schools, (more than 500 in 40 states), could we be repeating the mistakes of our past without knowing it? Since 1972, educational discrimination on the basis of sex has been outlawed in the Title IX. The designation provided that no student could be banned from activities or classes on the basis of gender. ” (Weiss, 2011) I agree with her statement here. In my opinion co-educational schools create a more well-rounded individual.

Both females and males are able to explore activities without fear of ridicule that might come from being in a same sex school. It creates an environment where girls feel less confident and boys do not think it is right to pursue their artistic hobbies. Both girls and boys need a supporting environment. ” Because gender stereotypes are inherent, simply separating males from females doesn’t necessarily result in an increase in the number of females who pursue math- and science-related occupations.

It might, in fact, create an environment where each gender feels more comfortable expressing the atypical behavior that is culturally acceptable for their sex. ” (Akers 2012) Going to a co-educational high school made it very clear to me that males can be more in touch with their musical, artistic side and females can excel above and beyond in sports and academics. I for one, graduated with honors, and was very in touch with my sporty side, as every girl should have that chance.

The “real world” is full of diversity, whether it be ethnicity or sex. Sending a child to a single sex school deprives them of the skills to be able to function in situations of gender diversity. Students who are in single sex classrooms often have trouble adjusting into real world situations. Social cues and building relationships with the opposite sex are key things that have to be learned and experienced first-hand. By attending a single sex school students may find it challenging to adjust to real life social situations with the opposite sex.

It is very important that males and females learn at a young how to interact with one another, so that in the future that can build a more mature relationship and have their own family. By attending a single-sex school it is clear that it can be destructive for many aspects of a young person’s life. The lack of a real world social environment, stereotyping, and a lack of diversity all contribute towards a damaged individual. By discontinuing single-sex schooling we can create a better environment for males and females to grow up in and create better learning strategies.

By attending a single-sex school it is clear that it can be destructive for many aspects of a young person’s life. In the comic below, these young people are demonstrating a large scare factor that single sex schooling has, the fact that they are not allowed/afraid of tuning into their creative sides for the boys, and intelligent sides for the girls.

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