Singaporean students are well-known to be top

Singaporean students are well-known to betop in the world for literacy and numeracy. According to a Pisa Study conductedin 2015. Singapore’s students were excellent at working with one another tosolve problems.

Singapore also produced the lowest number of low performers interms of academics (Goh,2017). The education system in Singapore has been setto a certain way that all students will be equipped with useful life skills andvalues that can help them in the future. For example, social skills like’active listening’ and learning to work with one another in a group. Students learnvalues such as being ‘Responsible’, ‘Respect’, ‘Integrity’, ‘Care’ and soforth. With these key sets of life skills and values they are bound to do well.

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However, the number of reported suicides for the age group of 10-19 has been onthe rise since 2014. This essay attempts to discuss about the reasons whyTeenagers are becoming more stressed out in Singapore despite many of themdoing well in school.Overview of the EventBased on my chosen article from The StraitTimes, it is about ‘More Children and Teens getting stressed out.’ A Primary 5boy who ended his life after ‘failing’ to perform well in his examinations. Hewould get caned if he did not get 70 marks for his examinations. This standardwas set by his mother.

Unfortunately, he did not meet her expectations. Thehigh demand of school is one of the many stress triggers but other factors suchas difficulties making a friend, peer pressure and family issues can also addthe pressure. Another case was about a Primary 6 boy who was stressed out abouthaving to achieve 245 points for his PSLE. His mother had promised him a laptopas a reward.

Another 16-year-old boy suffered from anxiety and heartpalpitations whenever he had to speak up in class and order food in thecanteen. The article also highlighted that a child’s temperament affects the waythey respond to situations. A happy-go-lucky child is more resilient compared toa child who is sensitive and vulnerable. The Biopsychosocial Model            The BPS model is made up of 3 components. Biological factors such asgenetics, medication and brain anatomy.

Psychological factors like a person’s personality,cognition, coping skills and their self-esteem. Social factors include their support(family and friends), situation at school and culture. George Engel made a revolutionaryobjective to bring back humanism to medical science and focus on an individual.It is also a way to formulate the factors in an individual’s disorder.

In this case,we are focusing on depression, anxiety disorder and self-harm.  


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