Since, it becomes omnipresent and is communicated

Since, the beginning the human race has been divided mainly not by caste, colour, creed, religion or region but by ideologies which different groups of humans possess.An idea, principle or thought gets converted into an ‘ideology’ when it becomes omnipresent and is communicated to and believed by a large number of people.

This mere idea has a lot of importance in shifting and bringing about changes in this mighty world.At the grass root level, when do you get a chance to communicate your idea to someone?It happens while sitting in a local train, while waiting in a queue and so on.The communication of your idea happens quite naturally. One does not even get to know when he has successfully put across his thought in front of someone. Through this mere communication, humans develop a general perspective about different things. Therefore, the expression of your idea is paramount to fulfil your objective to contribute to the society.

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The concept of progressive and conservative thinking pattern still exists. People still have a perspective that the West is progressive and the East is conservative. In India, though we have abolished conservative practices like Sati but still the thinking pattern of the people is stuck in the past. We still have instances of killings for dowry and honour killings.

Therefore, the ideology of the society needs to be changed and for this the thinking pattern of each and every person should change. People need to understand that women are equal to men and a bride is not a property or an asset of someone. Therefore, in this Editorial I have elucidated the relevance of  a mere idea, principle or thought and how only words from a human mouth can transform or destroy our human race. I have taken the example of one such idea which has evolved gradually. The implementation of this ideology can change our perspective about other nations and our brothers and sisters abroad.

The heinous world wars were a result of the battle of ideologies.The world was divided from the ideologies of capitalism, socialism and communism during the period of world wars. Therefore, the clash of these ideologies was not restricted to just war of words in cafes and coffee shops all around the world but led to a major war of weapons. It was during this time when the major part of modern ideologies evolved.Nowadays, the ideology of globalism which heads of states so proudly speak of, was conceived after the clash of ideologies and was a consequence of the most famous clash in the history of human race.Globalism defines humans not as citizens of nations but as citizens of the world. It described humans as ‘global citizens.’ It didn’t believe in dividing the world by just drawing lines on maps or by dividing pieces of lands by barbed wires and fences.

It believed that the human race is a global community and not divided in different nations. This theory can be considered as a landmark because if the world starts following this theory then the underdeveloped will be developed and the developed will not become overdeveloped.But, the real world does not want to be a utopian world. The selfish motives of nations and the pride in their own ideologies always becomes an obstruction in the development of the human race as a whole.People living in West Africa are still the best example of the lowest standard of living of the human race.

On the other hand, people living in the Western World are still the best example of the high standard of living.People are divided on a global scale by ideologies of their nations, they are divided on a national scale by the ideologies of their ethnic communities and divided globally by the ideology of their religions.There is no problem in having an ideology. In fact, it is imperative for everyone to have an ideology because then only can a human get a path to follow and a lifestyle to live. There is no problem until you develop an ideology which can cause harm to your own race. There is no problem in propagating it amongst your brothers and sisters until you repeat what Hitler did.

An ideology can be propagated but should not be imposed or forced upon individuals. Once it is imposed and forced upon then this clash of ideology turns into a clash of humans.A clash of ideologies is imperative for the development of the human race because, only then we can develop productive ideologies like ‘globalism’ but a clash of weapons in the human race because of a clash of ideologies will lead to the annihilation of our own race. Therefore, Think! Express! Propagate! Mutate Mundum! 


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