Since have choosen this mobility track because

Since the period of my childhood, I had the serendipity to stay very close to the Mother Nature, at least for 2 or 3 months a year, whenever I visited my native village.

This recurrent touch with nature  have sown the seeds of my fascination for biology.My father is a farmer and I used to help him in the field from my young age.They used excessive pesticides and fertilizers to get higher yield as they are not aware of the damage caused by it.

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I have done my Bachelors in Agriculture so that I can gain some knowledge and help them.I learned different techniques that are employed to control the pests and diseases and increase the yield and the most Important subject is Plant Breeding.Eventhough the Pesticides are able to control the Pests at the same time Pests are DEveloping Resistance towards them.Breeding is the best method as it does not damage the Environment,give higher yields and cost effective.After the Intoduction of Plant Breeding there is a huge success in the Agriculture.

The plants developed resistance against wide variety of pests,diseases and Environmental Stress.With the help of Breeding we are able to Introduce the Vital Nutrients which are usually not present in the Wild relatives.This is very useful for the poor people as they are not able to meet the daily Nutritional requirement.I have choosen the masters in plant Breeding so that I can get more Knowledge on Advanced Breeding Techniques and have hands on Experience on Latest Equipment.I will be guided by the Top most faculty .The population of Earth is rising and only with the help of Breeding we can feed all the people in the future.I have choosen this mobility track because at both the Institutes the Course language is in English and I am Interested in Plant Biology which is taught at Swedish University of agriculture Science and is more research oriented.

2My Primary Interest is to produce more crop yield  with Good quality in the least possible area with less damage to the environment and which is economical to the farmers. I was given training right from my first year during my Bachelors Degree on different methods for increasing the yield of the crops. To produce more yield many parameters have to be controlled.Among these, the major problem is abiotic and biotic stress and with the help of Plant Breeding those factors can be controlled.The Use of Breeding in plants also reduce the Environmental pollution and is more sustainable than using a lot of Pesticides.I would use my Knowledge gained in formulating the best methods to produce a higher yield with least damage to environment and humans.This project perfectly fits my career objectives.

So, I decide to join this program.3Day by day the cost of cultivation is increasing with rising costs of pesticides, Weedicide, fungicides which ultimately reduces the net income from the farm produce, so by reducing the cost of cultivation with the help of new seed varieties the income increases. There are many farmers all over the Globe who lose their lives because they are unable to repay the loan, by reducing the overall cost of cultivation these numbers will be reduced.Secondly, many people in India do not have the sufficient food for daily consumption.I believe with the use of new high yielding varieties this problem can be reduced to some extent. I can share my knowledge which I have gained in my Masters with the Concerned Scientists at the University or research labs and be a part of their research.4I strongly believe pursuing masters under Erasmus program is a great achievement.The Plant Breeding  curriculum is designed by the Topmost European universities specialized in Agriculture sector where I receive professional Hands-on experience.I will be under the Supervision of Top Most Faculty in Plant Sciences.My degree will be highly valued all over the globe and I can get better opportunities for my furter studies.Secondly, I can have International exposure as there are students coming from different nationalities .I can learn the new culture, tradition, languages.


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