Similarities Of Two Famous Tales Of Love Essay

Essay, Research PaperSimilarities of Two Celebrated Narratives of LoveIn one of the most celebrated love narratives of this century, many elements from anotherfamous narrative of love were borrowed. In many cases, Westside Story mirrored Shakespeare & # 8217 ; sRomeo And Juliet. Many similarities were noted from the word picture to the secret plan structure.However, they differed every bit good.

In Westside Story, some characters shared personalities with those of Romeo And Juliet.The households of the Capulets and Montagues were good represented by two packs, the Sharks andthe Jets. Both being uneffective swayers, officer Krumpke and the Prince battle to maintain peace if their metropoliss both to no help and warned, & # 8221 ; If you disturb our streets once more, your lives shall pay theforfeit of peace. & # 8221 ; ( ) . Due to their differing backgrounds, Tony being affiliated with the Jets and Maria with the Sharks, Tony and Maria partook in out love much like Romeo andJuliet. Much like Tybalt, Bernado disapproved of their love and was speedy to contend with anymember of the Jets or Tony. However, Anita, Bernardo & # 8217 ; s girlfriend, approved of their love because she merely wanted to see Maria happy like the Nurse.

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Overwhelmed by all the combat, Baby John was much like Tybalt & # 8217 ; s peace maintaining foil character, Mercutio. Last, Doc tried to assist Tony and halt all the insanity around him like Friar Laurence.In both narratives, amusing alleviation occurred to maintain the audience interested, but the two dramas normally differed in their attacks to comedy. In Romeo And Juliet, Mercutio amused the audience with his actions and monologues.

Westside Story didn & # 8217 ; Ts have a character like Mercutio, so it used a combination of their dance and characters for amusing alleviation. The Jets performed a humourous vocal that mocked Officer Krumpke. Besides, to inspire the audience, The Jets ever picked on Anybodys, a scruffy looking misss who ever tried to acquire in the pack.

Depsite those different attacks for comedy, Westside Story immitated Mercutio and other Montagues & # 8217 ; scene with the Nurse, teasing her and exclaimimg, & # 8221 ; & # 8230 ; conceal her face ; for her fan’s the fairer ofthe two & # 8221 ; ( ) , when Anita went to Doc & # 8217 ; s, and they mocked her stating so this what a P.R. adult female looks like and fliping her around.The scenes from these dramas did non differ much at all. Tony and Maria had to conceal their love from their households to avoid being separated. Bernardo and Anita already arranged a matrimony between Maria and Chino like that of Juliet and Paris & # 8217 ; s arranged matrimony. The Jets and Sharks often rumbled to turn out who was the best pack in the Westside like the Capulets and Montagues fought to turn out who was the best household in Verona, as expressed by the gap prologue, & # 8221 ; Two housesolds, both likewise in self-respect & # 8230 ; from antediluvian score to interrupt to new mutiny & # 8221 ;( ) .

At the decision, both delivered the same message that the calamity was everyone & # 8217 ; s fault non merely one individual.The secret plans and scenes for these two dramas were uncannily likewise. Like Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria met at a dance and it was love a first sight for both. Their love lifes were a secret because of the warring between the packs like that of the hostile Montagues and Capulets. Romeo And Juliet & # 8217 ; s celebrated balcony scene was mimed by Tony and Maria & # 8217 ; s fire escape scene. After the loss of their dearest friends, Romeo and Tony both killed person from their lover & # 8217 ; s household. After hearing of her brother Bernardo & # 8217 ; s decease, Maria still wanted to remain with Tony like Juliet, even if it meant go forthing her whole life behind and flying with him.

However, the terminations differed a spot. First, Chino, the Paris character, murdered Tony to revenge Bernardo & # 8217 ; s decease. Rather than killing herself, Maria wept and gave a talk much like the Prince & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; All are punished! & # 8221 ; ( ) , stating it wasn & # 8217 ; t Chino who killed Tony it was everyonebecause everyone was filled with hatred.Therefore, the characters, secret plan, wit, and scene of Westside Story originated from one Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s most fecund dramas, Romeo And Juliet. The similarities of these two celebrated narratives of love made Westside Story showed that a love narrative from ages ago could re-emerge and be successful in the twentieth century.


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