SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES AMONG ALL-NEWS CABLE NETWORKS: CNN, MSNBC, AND FOXNEWS CHANNEL Essay, Research PaperSuccessful scheduling is critical to a telecasting belongings since it spells the difference between net income and loss. Unpopular programming consequences in fewer viewing audiences, an deficient figure of advertizers purchasing airtime, and finally economic failure.

CNN, FoxNews and MSNBC are three all-news channels contending for an ever-decreasing piece of the evaluations pie. The webs have both similarities and differences, but before discoursing them it is critical to look at both their history and scheduling. When Ted Turner created the Cable News Network in June of 1980, he likely ne’er dreamed that it would go one of the most accepted names in overseas telegram scheduling ( Eastman and Ferguson, 1997 ) . CNN? s foremost broadcast was June 1, 1980.

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Initially the signal was seen in 1.7 million U.S. families. Turner established intelligence agency in major American metropoliss and in other metropoliss throughout the universe and today CNN is seen in 80 million U.S.

overseas telegram families ( Available: ) . Much of CNN? s success is rooted in its early application of newsgathering engineering, most notably that of communications orbiters and portable uplinks such as those that gave the universe picture and sound during the Persian Gulf War and the aborted putsch in the former Soviet Union ( Eastman and Ferguson, 1997 ) .

MSNBC, which got its start on July 15, 1996, was a innovative venture from Microsoft and NBC, consisting MSNBC overseas telegram and MSNBC on the cyberspace. The web premiered to 22 million families, reaches 45 million to day of the month, and is expected to make 61 million families by the terminal of the twelvemonth 2000 ( B.P. Anderer, personal conversation, December 7, 1998 ) . The web was able to make so many families so rapidly because it took the distribution platform of the NBC owned, America? s Talking ( Eastman and Ferguson, 1997 ) .The FoxNews Channel was the last of the three to come in the all-news overseas telegram conflict, on October 7, 1996.

Its first months of programming were merely available to 10 million families despite the fact that proprietor, Rupert Murdoch paid overseas telegram operators $ 10 per endorser to transport the all-news channel ( Conner 1996 ) . This is because Time Warner Cable refused to set the web on its New York City overseas telegram system. ( CNN proprietor Ted Turner is the president of Time Warner. ) Murdoch filed a case, but on July 23, 1997 the suit was settled, giving the FNC immediate entree to the MSO? s 1.1 million New York City subscriber system, plus wider distribution over clip to the bulk of Time Warner? s clients ( Higgins and Petrozzello, 1997 ) .

The web now reaches about 35 million families. Its scheduling is balanced, aimed at positions somewhat older than the early-20? s audience courted by MSNBC ( Conner, 1996 ) .CNN Monday-Friday6a.m. Business Day.

Hosted by Deborah Marchini and John Defterios, the show offers viewing audiences live studies on market motions and concern developments. Business and finance coverage is rounded out with conditions updates, athleticss intelligence, a travel advisory and the latest headlines.7a.m. Early edition.

Hosted by Leon Harris and Carol Lin. A complete presentation of the latest intelligence developments, including athleticss, conditions and concern intelligence updates. In add-on to intelligence, the show airs a unrecorded newsmaker interview each hr.

9a.m. CNN Morning News. Hosted by Daryn Kagen and Bill Hemmer. This complete intelligence show offers blocks of intelligence studies, reappraisals, interviews and viewer call-ins. Many of the interviews are? how to? in nature and cover a assortment of subjects.

11:30a.m. CNN and Company. Hosted by Mary Tillotson. A half-hour news-talk plan that looks at today & # 8217 ; s issues from a adult female? s point of position. Each twenty-four hours the show consists of three panellists that hold different beliefs.12 p.

m. Newsday. Hosted by Frank Sesno and Jeanne Meserve.

Based in Washington D.C. , this half-hour show is a presentation of the latest intelligence of the twenty-four hours with plentifulness of unrecorded coverage.

12:30p.m. Burden of Proof. Hosted by Greta Van Susteren and Roger Cossak. This show, which was born during the O.J. Simpson test, now investigates all aspects of the judicial system.

Key test figures debate the legal branchings of top intelligence narratives and courtroom issues.1p.m.

CNN Today. Hosted by Natalie Allen and Lou Waters. A modern-day intelligence and features plan that reports the latest intelligence from the medical industry, manner and manner, tendencies in nutrition and culinary art, and travel and holidaying tips.2:30p.m.

Showbiz Today. Hosted by Laurin Sydney and Jim Moret. This plan brings viewing audiences particular studies and unrecorded coverage of award ceremonials, film gaps and premier parties.4p.

m. CNN Today. A sawed-off edition of the 1pm. plan having the same hosts.5p.m. Inside Politics.

Hosted by Bernard Shaw and Judy Woodruff. From public issues to private treatments, the show gives viewing audiences a day-to-day expression at the political events that shape the world.6p.m. World View. Hosted by Bernard Shaw, Judy Woodruff and Hillary Bowker. London anchor Hillary Bowker joins the hosts of CNN Today to offer viewing audiences a signature planetary eventide newscast that provides intelligence from around the world.

6:30p.m. Moneyline News-Hour with Lou Dobbs. Recently renamed and revamped to suit viewing audiences who want a combination of fiscal intelligence along with other important intelligence of the day.7:30p.

m. Crossfire. Hosted by Pat Buchanan, Robert Novak and Bill Press. One of CNN? s most extremely rated shows, it features lively argument and thought arousing treatment of current issues by some of the first advocates of conservative and broad viewpoints.8p.m. World Today.

Hosted by Joie Chen and Martin Savidge. This flushing newscast provides viewing audiences with a comprehensive expression at the events that are determining the universe. News updates, characteristics, conditions and athleticss complete the show.

9p.m. Larry King.

Host Larry King combines topical treatments having the twenty-four hours? s major newsmakers with famous person interviews, highlighted by viewer call-ins from around the world.10p.m. NewsStand.

Hosted by Bernard Shaw, Willow Bay, Stephen Frazier and Judd Rose. This every night magazine goes beyond interrupting intelligence to give viewing audiences the information they need to understand today? s issues.Similarities and Differences 611p.m. Sports Tonight. Hosted by Fred Hickman and Vince Cellini.

Produced by CNN/SI, the 24-hour athleticss intelligence web from CNN and Sports Illustrated, the show provides up-to-date tonss and high spots along with an in-depth expression at the latest issues of athleticss. Between Midnight and 3a.m. , CNN replays its prime-time batting order. This scheme is for viewing audiences on the West seashore, every bit good as for those who may be coming home from a 2nd displacement. At 3a.

m. a repetition of Showbiz is shown. At 4:30 a.m. they broadcast CNN International until they resume unrecorded scheduling once more at 6am.

FoxNews Monday-Friday7a.m. Fox and Friends. Hosted by Louis Aguirre, E.D. Donahay, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade.

This forenoon show highlights the latest intelligence, conditions, athleticss and amusement, with a insouciant, self-generated discourse. ? Around the watercooler? , the shows signature section, consists of unrecorded confab about the lighter intelligence narratives of the day.9a.m.-5p.m. Fox News Now. Hosted by Uma Pemmaraju, David Asman, Rick Folbaum, John Scott, E.

D. Donahey, Louis Aguirre, Lauren Green and Allison Costarene. Every hr from 9a.m.

to 5p.m. FNC nowadayss Fox News Now, a difficult intelligence format, concentrating on more intelligence and less talk. Interviews with cardinal newsmakers, plus adept analysis of day-to-day events comprise the coverage of the twenty-four hours? s top intelligence narratives. Updates are provided 10 proceedingss before each hr.

5p.m. Cavuto Business Report. Hosted by Neil Cavuto. This hour-long concern plan offers practical, functional information on the latest activities from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Cavuto keeps path of market activities and interviews people in the concern world.6p.m.

Particular Report with Brit Hume. Washington intelligence veteran, Brit Hume plays host to newsmakers, political initiates and FoxNews subscribers. It examines the interior workings of authorities issues such as public assistance and revenue enhancements every bit good as the political dirt du jour.

8p.m. The O? Reilly Factor. Hosted by Bill O? Reilly.

The fastest turning intelligence Program on telecasting. O? Reilly analyzes intelligence events, tendencies, and famous persons with a direct, non-politically right manner that allows him to give his ain sentiment while take a firm standing on replies to of import inquiries from invitees. The broadcast ends each dark with a lively mail section where viewing audiences get a opportunity to voice what they like and wear? Ts like about the program.9p.m. Hannity and Colmes. Hosted by Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes. A fast paced show having conservative wireless observer Sean Hannity and broad personality Alan Colmes.

The two offer their return on controversial subjects, personalities and societal issues in an frequently animated, always-compelling debate.10p.m. The Crier Report. Hosted by Catherine Crier. This plan offers compelling, sometimes intimate interviews with a diverse scope of invitees.

At 11p.m. FoxNews begins to reiterate its scheduling until 7a.m. when they resume with unrecorded scheduling.MSNBC Monday-Friday6a.

m. Imus on MSNBC. Hosted by Don Imus.

Radio personality Don Imus and his popular, frequently controversial wireless show, Imus in the Morning, features current-events treatment, political wit and sarcasm with a who? s who lineup of political figures, journalists and high profile newsmakers.9a.m. Watch it with Laura Ingrahm. Hosted by Laura Ingrahm. Live from Washington D.C.

, the show features particular in studio invitees from the concern, political and amusement Fieldss, along with regular invitees from diverse backgrounds. The show blends enlightening treatment with wit with an advanced expression at the issues.10a.m.

Morning Line. Hosted by Chris Jansing and John Seigenthaler.The show provides viewing audiences with the top intelligence of the forenoon, including athleticss and conditions, along with interviews and characteristics and a expression in front to the large narratives of the day.12p.

m. NBC News In America. Hosted by Linda Vester and Lori Stokes. An in-depth expression at domestic and international intelligence and its impact on American lives. The show features unrecorded interviews from the world-wide intelligence agency, NBC affiliates and the MSNBC newsroom.


Hosted by Eddie Magnus. A day-to-day hr long particular devoted to a individual intelligence subject runing from societal to political to personal and professional issues.4p.m. Newsfront.

Hosted by Ed Gorden. As the twenty-four hours winds down, the show reviews the top intelligence narratives and events of the twenty-four hours including studies signifier NBC intelligence letter writers, subscribers and invitee interviews.Similarities and Differences 95p.m. News Chat. Hosted by John Gibson and Mary Kathleen Flynn.

The show poses a controversial? inquiry of the twenty-four hours? to viewing audiences every bit good as online users. Through in-studio invitees, e-mail and viewer call-ins, Gibson moderates the plan while Flynn monitors the online confab and e-mail questions.7p.m.

Charles Grodin. Hosted by Charles Grodin. A prime-time talk show which takes a expression at the hebdomad? s intelligence events through treatment with newsmakers from the universe of political relations, jurisprudence and entertainment.8p.m. Hockenberry. Host John Hockenberry blends newsmaker interviews with the reappraisal of the twenty-four hours? s top stories.

9p.m. The News with Brian Williams. Hosted by Brian Williams. Anchored by the Emmy Award Winning journalist who is set to win Tom Brokaw. The show uses NBC News resources to offer viewing audiences a every night position of the intelligence of the twenty-four hours.

The show besides gives viewing audiences a first expression at tomorrow? s headlines from around the world.10p.m. Time and Again. Hosted by Jane Pauley.

The show gives viewing audiences an in-depth expression at a recent intelligence event or intelligence personality through a historical. Using the huge resources of the NBC News archives, it adds historical context to today? s intelligence through interviews, extended footage and archival studies. Get downing at 11p.m.

, MSNBC begins to play back its prime-time batting order. Like CNN, this scheduling scheme is for viewing audiences on the West seashore every bit good as those coming from a 2nd displacement. The station resumes unrecorded scheduling at 6am. Similarities and Differences 10Because these webs are categorized as intelligence webs, one might anticipate to happen similar scheduling. However, this is non the instance.

The scheduling and scheduling schemes are rather different. CNN and MSNBC both begin their twenty-four hours at 6am, but with two different plans. CNN airs an hr long concern show, while MSNBC broadcast the controversial Imus In The Morning wireless show. A authoritative illustration of counterprogramming. FoxNews starts the programming twenty-four hours at 7a.

m. with a light intelligence show. At this clip CNN is aerating a difficult intelligence program.This counterprogramming is continued throughout the forenoon until 12p.

m. when both CNN and MSNBC air a noon intelligence. FoxNews runs Fox News Now from 9a.m. to 5p.m. After the intelligence broadcast, MSNBC continues with difficult intelligence while CNN gets soft with amusement and characteristic shows. During premier entree, CNN uses a scheme called bridging ; get downing a plan a 30 minutes earlier than viing plans.

This scheme is used by another Ted Turner owned station, TBS. CNN uses this scheme at 6:30p.m with The Moneyline News Hour, with Lou Dobbs. By making this, CNN now has one of its highest rated shows, Crossfire, get downing at 7:30p.m. One ground for making this would be to maintain viewing audiences from tuning into Fox? s, O & # 8217 ; Reilly Factor, the fastest turning intelligence plan in America. When you reach the 9 O? time hr, you have two of the web aces & # 8217 ; , Brian Williams and Larry King, against Fox? s Hannity and Colmes. Both and King? s and Williams? shows are their webs? most watched, but Williams? evaluations picket in comparing to King? s.

While Williams norms under 50,000 viewing audiences, King sometimes granaries over 500,000 ( USA Today, 1997 ) . The networks end the dark mutely with comparatively less popular programs.Boosted by the Clinton/Lewinsky sex dirt, the rise and autumn of the stock market, hurricanes, elections and John Glenn? s rocketride, all three webs have enjoyed improved evaluations. FNC has perchance the best narrative to state this twelvemonth. The webs saw its universe grow 61 per centum over the last twelvemonth, to merely under 35 million endorsers. FoxNews remains behind MSNBC? s 45 million sub base, which grew 38 per centum over 1998.

Even CNN grew 5 per centum to 80 million ( Cortese, 1998 ) . FNC besides gained land on its challengers in family and demographic evaluations, though it still trails both in bringing of viewing audiences. For illustration, in prime-time so far this 4th one-fourth, FoxNews produced a 0.5 evaluation, making 169,000 places, a 400 per centum evaluations addition and 479 per centum bringing addition. FoxNews evaluation tied MSNBC but followed it in bringing of 207,000 places. CNN led its challengers with a 1.0/758,000 places up 25 and 37 per centum severally.

However, in adults 25-54, all three webs were tied in evaluations at 0.2, which represented one hundred per centum rush for FoxNews and MSNBC but was level for CNN ( Cortese, 1998 ) . CNN? s level evaluations could be in portion to the convulsion created by a June 7 study on NewsStand. The study alleged that U.S. military forces dropped nervus gas on U.S. deserters and civilians in Laos ( Tailwind Controversy, 1998 ) .

The undermentioned twenty-four hours CNN retracted the narrative and apologized to viewing audiences and military forces, but it may hold been excessively late. During July, an norm of 593,000 families watched CNN in prime-time, a bead from 680,000, a twelvemonth earlier ( Cortese, 1998 ) . Similarities and Differences 12So the inquiry International Relations and Security Network? T, who is figure one? But who does the hereafter belong excessively. The reply may finally depend on how much money Microsoft, General Electric and Rupert Murdoch are willing to lose to do a net income.MentionsAvailable: Directory: Studio circuitConner, M. ( 1996, October3 ) News Corp.

? s 24-hour intelligence channel to get down Monday. Reuter Business Report, [ online ] . Available: Business News Bank: Library subscriptionCortese, A.

, Siklos, R. ( 1998, August 17 ) This Small Peacock is Showing Some Pluck. Business Week, 3591, 64Eastman, S. T. and Ferguson, D.

A. ( 1997 ) . Broadcast/Cable Programming ( 5th ed. ) . Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Printing Company.

Higgins, J. M. and Petrozzello, D. ( 1997, July 28 ) .

Suit Settled, FNC moves to following conflict. Broadcasting and Cable, 1068827,14-15Johnson, P. ( 1997, June 4 ) . MSNBC hasn? T plugged into a large audience yet.

USA Today, p.D3


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