Silent Voice Essay Research Paper Janet Hoffman

Silent Voice Essay, Research PaperJanet Hoffman -1-SociologyJuly 10, 2000Silent VoiceWhen I read the chapter on The De-Voicing of Society, I have to state that I was non surprised. I saw this coming back in the 1960? s. But Ine’er truly believed that as we grew and evolved that it would intensify to the point where people would go disused in many countries.

Surely wehold advanced greatly in engineering, but I think that we may hold gone to far. Peoples must ne’er be replaced by machines. I have ever had a voice, but merely didn? T usage it when at critical periods of my life.I advocate free address at every bend. Machines should heighten it, but certainty non replace our right to utilize our corporate voices. If we can progress in engineering, so we must progress as worlds right along with it, and non let ourselves to be a faceless, voiceless being. We must ne’er of all time depersonalise ourselves from society. In recent times, andutilizing my ain experience, I can now look back and understand merely how stray one can go when one is locked off in a cell or a roomfor old ages at a clip, utilizing merely a telecasting or wireless as a beginning of human voice.

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Or utilizing a phone for that much needed contact.My reaction to our silenced voices it that of echt concern.Every human being needs personal contact. We are non meant to populate a lifeof isolation. I suppose if we choose to make that on our ain agreement, while non healthy, it is our pick. However, when engineering gets to the point wherewe are being replaced by machines, so I for one have a job with it. If I had to compare a soundless voice, so I would get down with my ain life. The lasttwo old ages of my matrimony, I had wholly isolated myself from any human beginning.

Not because I wanted to, but because it was a agency to last. Iwas so stray. The lone voices I heard was from the telecasting or the wireless and sometimes the phone. Sometimes naming an eight hundred figure merely to hear another life take a breathing individual.It was during this clip, that I purchased a computing machine. Which finally became my life line.

While I could non hear the voice of those I chatted with, there came a clip when I for some unaccountable groundbecame really near to person, and would really make out and touch the computing machine screen at the same clip he did. Neither of us know what it would`service, but both of us knew that our isolation had to stop. We both realized the demand for human contact. Conversation, laughter.

I might hold gone on to look back at this and laugh and believe how stupid how naif we both were. But that ne’er happened. Our isolation from worlds came to us because we had been hurt by others. Yet both of us were still human andboth really vulnerable. Today we are both really beloved friends, and we frequently remind each other that via this media, it showed us that even through thewritten word we could pass on, but we needed to hear the voice of another. We both recognized the universe had changed so much.Writing so became paramount to me.

It enabled me to see things that possibly I ne’er would hold before. The Internet was a God send for me, and a definite life line to so many others that I have sincegotten to cognize and hold helped. Today all of us have moved beyond that clip in our lives, and none of us is isolated at least from ourselves. Wevowed to be vocal and non be silenced for any ground.

Through my experience with this, I have come to cognize and understand that while we have advanced in so many countries from the clip we were babes, we have lost the all of import thing. Togetherness.I don? Ts need to populate in anyone? s pocket and certainly there comes a clip when we want our quiet minutes to reflect, yet I will ever desire tohear a voice. I won? t allow a twenty-four hours travel by without look of my ideas. Makingthe determination to return to school, has enabled me to speak aloudeveryday. While I may non be right in my appraisal of things, it is my right to voice my sentiment to other human existences. The interior portion of me hasever been the voice of ground. It took me old ages to understand that I needed to show myself with my? voice? non merely with pen and paper orkeyboard to keyboard.

I remember turning up cognizing all of my neighbours. Traveling on field daies or to a just and running into people I knew, no affair where I went. Always prosecuting in conversation, non count how banal it might hold been at a immature age. Even so we had the natural demand and desire to pass on. I think that when one advances into a new clip, with newthings to seek out, we become intrigued with the things that went on to alter the class of the universe. Everything seems so simple now.

When infact I think that given the things we have, like wirelesss, telecastings, replying machines, computing machines, we get so caught up by them, that we have lost theall of import significance of true verbal communicating. When they come up with computerized sex, and I don? t mean in the universe of cyber infinite, so I will cognize that we have reversed our promotion to entire isolation. We may every bit good be ringers if we are to be isolated from society, even our friends and household. It is truly chilling to cognize that one can sit in forepart of a computing machine screen for hours and confabs with person, yet non hear a voice for hours on terminal. We have virtually every piece of equipment that enables usto pass on without utilizing our voice. It is no little admiration that some kids today begin to talk at a ulterior age.

They can hear the voices on the telecasting. And in so many places today, the telecasting is a comfort zone and company. It enables us to listen freely, but non to speak back withanyone. Is this healthy?Our ideas now are easy reduced to composing or facsimiling. It merely is non healthy for us to travel twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours without human interaction and voice.

I am guilty of naming eight 100 Numberss merely to hear a voice. That in and of itself is scaring. It is non that easy to make now, because seldom do existent people answer the phone. Most people, because they don? Ts have toconfront person, can state whatever they want via a computing machine, yet they might non be able to make that face to face. That is non what we as human existences are all about. When in the class of human nature, we are suppose to make out and touch a life, raise up a spirit, give comfort with our words ofwisdom.I have wondered if email one twenty-four hours might do the United States Postal System to go disused? I remember waking up as a kid cognizing right from incorrect. Knowing where I stood and cognizing that therewas that line you ne’er crossed, or the ethical motives or values that we would ne’er bewray.

When we look around today, do we see those people we knew all our lives? Have we advanced so much in engineering that we lost sight of all that we hold beloved?I don? T want to give off the feeling that I know all the replies when in truth I am non of all time near. I don? t want to give a false feeling that I am confident and secure with the things that we have before us, cognizing that with the De-Voicing of America, we have lost non merely our voices, but humanisation.We must ne’er free site of the traditions we were raised on. we must ne’er free site of the fact that we our human and we need human contact on a regular footing. There is a transition that I find soothing and makes sense to me.If One ProgresssConfidently in the way of his dreamsand enterprises to populate the life which he has imagined he will run into with a Successunexpected in common hoursIf you have built palacesin the air,your work need non be lost ;now set the foundations under them.Henry David Thoreau


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